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Weekly Weather 3-14-2011

By Anne Ortelee

In honor of Uranus moving from Pisces to Aries on Friday, I am moving the Mundane section (world predictive section) of my column to the top for this week. Many thoughts and heart prayers for all the citizens of Japan who lost their lives, families, friends and homes in last week’s earthquake and tsunami.

Mundane: A number of you wrote to me after last week’s earthquake, tsunami and apparent nuclear power plant explosion and meltdown in Japan. Yes that WAS Uranus, explosions and chaos, leaving Pisces, the sign of the ever changing ocean and entering Aries the sign of starting, initiating Fire. As I wrote last week, “we have a once in a life time event taking place this week.” Often as planets leave a sign, they remind us of their entry into the sign. Shortly after Uranus entered Pisces ~ wild and crazy ocean water ~ and Sedna, the Ocean Goddess dwarf planet was discovered and named, we had the earthquake and subsequent tsunami arrive on Indonesia’s and Thailand‘s shores killing hundreds of thousands of people.

Now, as Uranus exited the sign of Pisces, another tsunami arrived on Japan‘s coastline. For all those “did my zodiac sign change?” questions raised a few months ago by the media, this event is the “synchronicity” that 29 Pisces still ends at 29 Pisces! We just saw Uranus exit 29 Pisces in a wave of whooshing slam and crash of explosive energy. As Uranus entered Aries to begin a new 84 year journey, the explosive fire of melting down nuclear power plants appeared in our world.

The good and bad part about Uranus is it is unpredictable. So while we can apply key words, we don’t always know HOW the events will appear. And Uranus always throws a twist in EVEN if you THINK you CAN predict it. Uranus likes the unpredictable! We were able to see with his entry into fire, that we could expect an explosion of fire. And right on cue, Uranus brought a partial meltdown and explosion of nuclear power plants affected by the tsunami and earthquake. Uranus rules earthquakes. Here in New York, 14 people were decapitated on I-95 in a bus crash ~ Uranus rules severing and Aries rules the head ~ where the bus tipped over and slid sideways into a sign pole that sliced through the bus at “head” level, slicing off the passenger heads and top of the bus. Uranus has a crooked rotation, rotating sideways through the heavens and the bus slid sideways. You can’t make this stuff up! And if you did, no one would believe you! At times like this, I am totally in awe of astrology and its symbolic representation of what we are experiencing here on earth. As above, so below, as without, so within.

Back in 1927 when Uranus entered Aries the LAST time, we didn’t HAVE nuclear power plants to explode or meltdown. However, that part of the world was quite active in 1927 with March’s Earthquake measuring 8 on Richter scale striking Tango, Japan, April’s Shanghai Massacre, a large scale purge of communists led by Gen Chiang Kai-shek beginning a counter revolution in China, and May’s 8.3 earthquake in Nan-Shan, China, with 200,000 killed. One of the first skirmishes of what was to become World War 2 happened when the Nazis had bloody battles with the Communists in Berlin. And the Middle East was active with Spain routing 20,000 soldiers to Morocco and Saudi Arabia becoming independent of Great Britain. There was also a “Black Friday” on Berlin Stock Exchange.

We STILL have some MORE rocking and rolling to do astrologically in the heavens which we can expect to see echoed down here on earth as we approach a very loaded Full Moon at the end of this week. Mars and Sun dance over Uranus on the World axis and at the same declination at the end of the month. Neptune enters Pisces on April 4 to mark a 164 year cycle as he shifts into the sign of his ruler ship. Neptune was last in Pisces from 1847 to 1862 ~ the lead up to the Civil War and the end of slavery (ruled by Pisces) as well as the California Gold Rush which ran from 1848–1855. The gold rush began on January 24, 1848, when gold was found by James W. Marshall at Sutter’s Mill, in Coloma, California. It led to a large global migration as people poured into California to find their fortune following their dream of becoming rich ~ Neptune IS the planet of dreams after all.

Uranus’ cycle is only 84 years long. Pluto, who entered Capricorn in January 2008 and signaled the economic collapse was last in Capricorn 248 years ago. So Neptune changing signs next month, awaking a 164 year old sleeping planet, is something to watch for.

Notice the last sentence three paragraphs up ~ We have the last pass of the possible stock market “crash” energies in the weeks ahead of us ~ particularly the last week of March and first week of April. Once we get through this month and next, we are in the clear ~ at least as relates to major market crashes for a while. Obviously the hot spots of the Middle East and the earthquake’s economic devastation of Japan are two areas to watch as they impact the global economy. Plus Mars and the Sun both roll over the earthquake point, triggering it, the eclipses from December 21, to perhaps set off “companion” earthquakes some where else in the “Ring of Fire” that circles the Pacific Ocean. March and April are the most astrologically active months this year.