Starward Oct 2010

Open Letter to the Members from the President:


The Astrological Association of North Florida will meet on October 26, the fourth Tuesday of the month from 7-9:00 PM. Guests are welcome and refreshments will be served after the meeting.


To begin with, I want to give Dikki-Jo Mullen a big “thank you” for a wonderfully enlightening evening. I, personally, can’t wait until she talks to us again… She’s a fountain of knowledge!


On October 20, Mercury enters Scorpio so I thought I’d give a brief description of Mercury’s passage into that sign. This is from Debra Clement’s website


Mercury Enters Scorpio


After weeks of lighthearted relationships and superficial discussions, Mercury was soon longing for substance over form. Bidding Libra farewell, he departed her lovely home and headed straight to the Underworld, a destination with more intensity, more depth and more mystery.


As he entered Scorpio’s world, the sign of curiosity immediately began to snoop around and learn as much as he could about the “mysteries of life” that dwell therein. Scorpio is the inquisitor of the zodiac, and when Mercury is here, he has carte blanche to speculate, investigate, interrogate, and extrapolate to his heart’s content. Likewise, if there is something we need to find out, we will not stop until we find the answer, and we will use whatever means necessary to do so, because as long as Mercury is in Scorpio, nothing is sacred.


Words such as “privileged,” “confidential” and “privacy” are not in Scorpio’s dictionary, and medicine chests, emails, diaries, financial statements and the like are all fair game if Mercury decides their content may be necessary to “ascertain the truth” of a matter. While in Scorpio, this usually verbose personality will not be spilling his guts or divulging any of his own secrets (at least not until he enters Sagittarius). Similarly, we also tend to scrutinize every word, dissect every action, and play it close to the vest. Our thoughts are more intense, and we have little interest in idle chatter or superficial relationships.


While Mercury is in Scorpio, our thoughts are more profound, and our memory is enhanced and our concentration is stronger. However, we can easily become obsessed with an idea, and if we allow Scorpio’s negative traits to take hold of us, we can find ourselves embracing new grudges, as well as viewing life through the eyes of paranoia. In contrast, if we immerse ourselves in Scorpio’s positive qualities, our thoughts become profound, and our relationships become more meaningful. We can also experience transformative, psychological breakthroughs that liberate us from destructive patterns that have created havoc in our lives. While Mercury is in Scorpio, it is time for a fearless examination of our psyches. It is also time to delve fearlessly into the “mysteries of life.”


Though Scorpio’s waters appear dark and foreboding, an abundance of treasure is there for the taking. So take a deep breath and dive in. You won’t come up empty-handed.


Keep your fingers crossed. I’m trying to get Debra to Jacksonville. She has a radio show on which you can listen to, or go to her website and listen to her archives. I’ll be the featured speaker at our November meeting and will be talking about the meaning of the Vertex in your natal chart.


Astrologically yours, Sandye Sievers


Astrologers are predicting the November 2010 election. Here is one observation…


Astrological forecast for the November 2010 national elections


Raphael Simons, Albuquerque Metaphysical Examiner


There is a time-tested and proven astrological method for forecasting the outcome of an election in the U.S. It consists in making the astrological chart of the lunation just prior to the election and looking at the condition of Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter signifying the Republicans, Saturn the Democrats. A chart was drawn up for the full moon of October 23, 2010 at 9:38 PM at Washington DC. The following does not necessarily express the personal bias or opinion of this writer; it is simply an objective report.


The lunation chart puts Jupiter in the 10th house and Saturn in the 4th. It favors the Republicans.


The Ascendant, the moon and the Sun are all at 29 degrees; the Ascendant at 29 degrees Gemini, the moon at 29 degrees Aries, and the sun at 29 degrees Libra. This shows that the people are at the end of their tether and the congress is at the end of its rope. Change will happen.


Jupiter is retrograde conjunct. Uranus retrograde in the 10th house. Jupiter and Uranus are both trine Mars in the 6th house. Jupiter is in its own sign in Pisces. This simplifies the power of Jupiter, in other words, the power of the Republican party will increase greatly. The 10th house is the most elevated place in the chart. The retrograde condition of Jupiter in this instance may be read as the Republicans returning to power. Conjunct Uranus, Jupiter expresses sudden and dramatic expansion. Trine Mars in the 6th house, the Republicans are getting the support of the military, the civil services and the workers. The Republicans will do surprisingly well. The Republican party will have undergone a transformative process between now and the time of the election.


Saturn is exalted in Libra in the 4th house. While the Republicans appear to have the upper hand in the coming election, they will have to be mindful of the Democrats’ position. Notwithstanding, Saturn square Pluto in the 7th house denotes that the Democrats will become tangled in disputes that will spill over into international affairs that will not help them.