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Starward 06 June 2012


Again, we have a member, Coleman Smith, who has written an article for us. Please submit yours so we can feature it in our newsletter.

This month of June is going to be very newsworthy.

Sandye Sievers


Notes on Chiron

By: Coleman J. Smith

Chiron is a planetoid or comet whose orbit is between Saturn and Uranus. The symbol for Chiron is one half of a cross of matter over an elongated circle of Spirit. The nature of all planets can be determined in the representation of their glyph or symbol. Chiron represents the Wounded Healer, a wound that does not heal.

In the glyph of Chiron, the half cross of matter is missing the other half, the other side of life, the underlying current of the subconscious. This is the side that the shaman/healer reaches in his altered state of conscious. The traditional way of healing is the wound that does not heal. Chiron is pointing the way towards non-traditional methods of healing as the answer to how to heal the wound that does not heal problem. Alternative methods and a holistic approach is the path to heal the wound that does not heal. Crystal healing, massage, herbal medicines, and ayurvedic remedies are what the message of Chiron teaches us.

In developing an archetype for Chiron, I have found that Chiron is part Leo, part Virgo, part Pisces, part Uranus, and part Saturn. This is a lot of ground to cover. First the Leo part, where in mythology Chiron was a teacher, and what a great teacher he must have been. He gave his students knowledge, and they took the ball and ran farther than what he taught them. His students Jason, Achilles, Aeneas, Heracles, Telamon -- they all were part of history in the Trojan War and the escapades of the Argo. Asclepius was reknown as a healer and at the time of Jesus had many shrines throughout the world. Perseus and Theseus were his students.

When speaking about healing, astrologers naturally think of Virgo and the 6th house. The 6th house deals with health issues, particularly those of daily routines. The essentials of life are tied to the 6th house and Virgo. But Chiron was wounded on his heal, the territory of Pisces. This brings us to one of the Laws of Opposites. Virgo and Pisces form the healing axis of life. Virgo deals with the details of health while Pisces deals in the psychological realms of life. Pisces is the shamanistic side, healing individuals and the community at large. We need both to bring about a proper cure to the wound that does not heal. This brings in a reconciliation of opposites, a meeting halfway.

So, understanding Chiron takes into account several aspects. The Leo part of to Teach, and not only teach, but teach so well that your students outshine you, they take what you have taught them and surpass you. Then the Virgo part of Essential Living and the Pisces part of holistic healing to form the wholeness of life, a Law of Opposites meeting in the middle. The practical and the shamanistic approach come together. Another angle of the glyph of Chiron is the elongated Circle of Spirit. Chiron has an orbit that is part Saturn and part Uranus, using the inspiration of Uranus and the structure of Saturn to produce a third, intangible part. Our archetype for Chiron is continually growing and encompassing many aspects of various signs and planets. The Wound that does not Heal can be healed through this holistic approach to life. We need to find that hidden shaman inside all of us, while not losing sight of everyday good habits.

Peace Be With You, Coleman


Venus Retrograde Cycle – 2012

By: Arielle Guttman

Beginning May 15th and running through June 27th, Venus will be in retrograde.

Retrograde, the apparent reverse position of a planet from Earth's view, is a phenomenon we are just beginning to understand and use in a productive way. With each planet, the retrograde means something a little different. For instance, when Mercury, the messenger planet is retrograde, people seem to "know" it intuitively, because that's usually when communication and transportation break-downs occur more frequently.

When Venus turns retrograde, we take a closer look at and may reverse our feelings on things that once were pleasing to us -- our core values. Since the retrograde is occurring in Gemini, there is a relationship here with Mercury - how words and ideas are transmitted and received. Mercury and Venus are somewhat married in Gemini. The mundane ruler of Gemini is Mercury, but the esoteric ruler of Gemini is Venus. It is Mercury's job to deliver messages and ideas that come streaming in from the cosmos through the intellect and out to the world. But Venus channels that information through the heart, rather than the mind. Instead of just "facts only, please", the Venus Star Point in Gemini asks for heartfelt communication. Watch for group dynamics to shift as one of the members reveals something game-changing. Feelings overpower thoughts at this time. People will not be able to keep the truth locked inside anymore about how they are really feeling, even if it costs them something they have been afraid to lose. But that's the core principle of Venus retrograde - being able to evaluate what is worth letting go of and what is worth keeping -- even if it's heart-wrenching. With a Uranus Pluto square wrapped in the middle of this Venus retrograde period, along with both a Solar and Lunar Eclipse, the current period is far from static. The Winds of Change blow through Earth, possessing an erratic and powerful trajectory.

Venus goes retrograde once every 1.6 years

A mathematical value known as "phi", the 1.6 ratio is embedded in the orbit of Venus - exactly 1.6 years ago was the last Venus retrograde. Five of these over an eight year period construct one of Venus' beautiful pentagrams. What we are observing now is that at a fixed position in the sky, Venus will begin to slow its speed, stop and reverse direction before she turns back around and picks up normal speed again. The reverse direction - or retrograde - happens for 44 days this time, although usually the period is closer to 40 days. There is a correlation between Venus' 40 day retrograde and many religious texts that use a 40 day period in their stories and practices.

The Transit of Venus - June 5th-6th, 2012

What is the transit of Venus? In 2004 we witnessed the first transit of Venus. This is the second, the last one of our lifetime. Akin to an eclipse, the solar disk will be partially in shadow, covered by a small black dot - Venus. … This Venus retrograde is more important than most, as it is the Transit of Venus.

On June 5th and 6th (depending upon location), don't miss a rare opportunity to view this phenomenal event. Set yourself up in a place where viewing conditions are optimum. See for a map of the viewing locations and other pertinent information about this unique cosmic event. You may order eclipse viewing glasses by following this link:

… In summary, Venus transits produce revolutions of one nature or another. The question was: what type of revolution are we NOT experiencing right now? With the current set of Venus transits occupying the sign of Gemini, a major game-changer of our times is the way information is received and transmitted. We still have a reliable old postal system in tact (which in itself is surprising, given the nature of these times and changes) but look at every other type of information exchange. Hand-held devices (Gemini gadgets) proliferate our world. The Smart Phones, right in the palm of our hands, offer us a portal to any and every kind of information ever recorded and lots of other stuff that we will never have any use for. Nearly 600 years ago, the Gutenberg Printing Press ushered in a European Renaissance that revolutionized the politics and economies of Europe and the world. Prometheus brought fire to enlighten mankind. But Kindle Fire and other brands of tablet-style reading are presently poised to challenge the printed word as a species in danger of extinction. Every single person on the face of this Earth has a story - and in this era of the sign Gemini hosting the Venus Transits (2004-2012) an overwhelming percentage of us are writing and publishing them - something nearly impossible to accomplish a mere half-century ago.

Venus changes phases and signs

We've all been observing Venus as an Evening Star these last eight months, dazzling us as it lights up our western sky. Soon it will disappear from the evening sky and show up as a Morning Star visible before sunrise. 

If you know the sensitive degrees of your own chart, check out the table below to see how Venus and her Star have been orbiting in your own personal world for these past eight years. Keep in mind that the Venus Star Points referred to in this way are usually NOT your natal Venus position, though in rare cases they can be. If you know the zodiac, draw a circle with the twelve signs and connect the dots between these degrees. A beautiful five pointed star appears. (see for the illustration). This is unique to Venus -- and though the other planets have their own beautiful patterns, none other than Venus creates this five-pointed star in its orbital cycle. MS=Morning Star; ES=Evening Star:

Jun 8 2004


17 Gemini 54'

Mar 30 2005


10 Aries 31'

Jan 13 2006


23 Capricorn 39'

Oct 27 2006


04 Scorpio 11'

Aug 17 2007


24 Leo 50'

Jun 8 2008


18 Gemini 43'

Mar 27 2009


07 Aries 15'

Jan 11 2010


21 Capricorn 32'

Oct 28 2010


05 Scorpio 30'

Aug 16 2011


23 Leo 18'

Jun 5 2012


15 Gemini 45'

Mar 28 2013


08 Aries 10'

Jan 11 2014


21 Capricorn 11'

Oct 25 2014


01 Scorpio 49'


Other Planetary Activity accompanying the Venus Retrograde Cycle

There are some other very unusual planetary occurrences operating during the 2012 Venus retrograde cycle, including:

·         June 4 … A Partial Lunar Eclipse at 14 Sag

·         June 5 … The Venus Transit

·         June 20 … The Summer Solstice

·         June 24 … Uranus squares Pluto (1 of 7) -- or -- The First Drum Beat of Change

·         June 27 … Venus turns direct


All of these dates point to dramatic occurrences in the sky which can be felt on Earth and are times are worthy of taking a ceremonial stance. Honor and pay respect to them as if they were a holiday. ....



From a Blog By: Michael Erlewine

…….. Eclipses are perhaps the most important Earthly astrological event we experience. Yes, New and Full Moons are important, but if they are accompanied by an eclipse they are even more important. And when two eclipses happen in a two-week period, one after the other, then the whole time surrounding those eclipses is special.

Double eclipses do not happen each year, but every once in a while they do and we happen to have double eclipses coming up later this month with a New Moon eclipse on May 20th and a Full Moon eclipse on June 4th. This will be a very special time.

The significance of eclipses goes way back and exists in the literature of almost all countries. The Tibetans are very clear about the auspiciousness of eclipses and in their practice calendars are careful to set time aside on eclipse days for what they call “observation,” just looking at our own mindstream. The high lamas point out that on eclipse days the various winds and channels within us (up and down the spine) naturally come into alignment more perfectly than at other times. Those who have developed some sensitivity and awareness can take advantage of these alignments.

I won’t belabor you with the benefits of developing such an awareness here; I have done that in many other blogs, but I will simply say that practices that make us more aware of the present moment, like certain forms of meditation, are really worthwhile. I mean they pay off. Keep in mind that the very word “Buddha” simply means awareness. It is all about awareness. Enough said.

And I have written many times before about the “Vision of the Eclipse,” the various visions that accompany eclipses. Eclipses are key and seminal times and they emit a pulse or tone that vibrates deep within us and at times in our life we can experience them consciously. Again it depends on our awareness, but even the least-aware-of-us have breakthrough moments sometimes in life when we are tuned in and living large the life of our own mind. We can experience these visions consciously and remember them. But without some kind of mind practice, these personal events would be rare.

“Visions” are not pictures in the sky of our mind that we have been taught to associate with having a vision. They can be, but most often visions are super-intense moments, days, or a part of a day when we are imprinted by (resonating with) the tone of the eclipse; we are vibrating alive with what is present. Only later, when we come down or out of these intense living experiences, do we realize that they are not permanent, but rather were an intense experience that we had that is now passing. Visions are intense times that are like islands of imprinting information in our mindstream. They stand out. We remember them or measure time from when they occurred for us. They are differentiated from our day-to-day flow of events. The visions at eclipse times are like that.

Here is another way to phrase this: You might call visions at these eclipse times intense experiences of the truth for us, the truth of our life. And truth (by definition) lasts into the future. In other words, what is true will last longer than ephemeral events and so truth is a vision of the future, because it will still be there then. Get it? I just pointed out a secret of how astrology works.

So don’t look for visions on the outside, like pictures in the sky above you. Feel them inside, deeply, as the truth that you are, when you get the chance. This is how visions communicate their message to us, from inside. They bubble up into our consciousness. What is placed inside at the time of an eclipse can take weeks and months to percolate upward until we can grasp it with our conscious mind. A little bit of vision can go a long way in guiding us because it is a premonition of the truth, and truth will last until then, until the future. The truth therefore is the future.

The truth of coming events cast their shadow on the present. I will write more on these double eclipses as I can find the time. Let me know if you are interested in this kind of writing please.

Since many of you have shown interest in how visions work, let’s go a little deeper. Visions, whether around eclipse times or whenever they occur to us, and they do arise, are seldom recognized by us when they first appear. Since they are times of great vividness of experience, we naturally kind of fall into them because they are more intense and alive than the time just previous to their onset. We are happy to live more vividly and so welcome any experience that brings more life to us. We often fail to recognize them right off as the seminal truth-bringers which they are. There is a tendency to think that “This is the way life always should be” and let it go at that. Visions are mostly subtle and we have to be subtle enough to recognize them when they arise.

It is when the vision passes or starts to pass that we tend to become aware that something has happened within us. It is kind of like when we are at a fun party and gradually realize that the party is over or getting near over. We kind of wake up to normality again, and realize our experience was more meaningful or vivid perhaps an hour ago. The poet Gertrude Stein had a line “Before friendship faded, friendship faded.” That is the idea.

In books and movies, visions are often portrayed as pictures or graphic images in the mind, much like the little text balloons in cartoons. While this can happen, much more often visions are just very intense times of living that stand out like islands of truth in the sea of our day-to-day normality. Visions are clear times when we can see our own truth vividly and this intense truth imprints itself on our mindstream by its sheer reality and intensity. In fact, visions are so vivid that, while we may not understand what we see, we cannot forget them either. They stick in our mind and remain embedded there.

It is a hallmark of eclipse-visions that the intensity of the experience is somewhat overwhelming, more than we can take in at one glance or moment. And although we cannot quite get our mind around a vision, we somehow totally “get it” and willingly take it in or internalize it. Then, in the hours, days, months, etc. that follow, we gradually are able to bring this vision to mind, again and again, until we suck any sense from it we can. This takes time.

Like an all-day sucker, we often can only grasp a little meaning at a time, but the allure, gravity, or truth of the vision kind of haunts us, floating in there, embedded deep in our mind, just out of reach of our conscious efforts to grasp it all at once. But we savor it like we savor an old love song from our teenage years that we can never tire of listening to. We get something from it every time we bring it to mind, and we do that again and again until the vision holds no further interest for us. Visions are something like that.

We are deeply nourished by the truth of our inner visions.

… It can take months or even more to empty a single vision of meaning for us, but eventually we raise all of it to consciousness, a bit at a time, until it is fully present and complete to our mind. We rehearse it again and again until it is exhausted of any new meaning for us, and finally fully present.

In this blog I have tried my very best to put into words something about what visions are actually like so that you can begin to become more aware of them in your life. As I keep pointing out, it is all about awareness. Everyone in the world experiences the tone, pulse, and the visions of the New and Full Moons, eclipses and so on. But everyone is not aware of what is taking place, so it really is a question of awareness of what is happening right now, and it can be developed.

In my opinion and in my own experience, being aware of these visions or deep experiences is more than just worthwhile. It makes life constantly meaningful and brings continuity to my experiences that was never there before I began to develop some awareness.

… I will close this short series with saying just a bit about the astrology involved, should some of you wish to explore this. And what I have to say is geared to those of you do not know much astrology. I may have to get a little didactic here and spell it out, so please forgive me if it sounds too wordy and intellectual. I am doing the best I can to explain it.

Before I begin, some of you mentioned equating “visions” with dreams and daydreams. Not similar. Daydreams are just what they are, and the same with dreams while we sleep. While once in a very great while sleep dreams can also be visions, this is not common. Visions are times of intense living wide awake, islands of reality in the sea of time. Enough said. Now for a overview:

There is no reason why we cannot learn just enough astrology for these ideas to be useful in day-to-day life. After all, many of you like to read about the meaning of eclipses, and so on. Why not incorporate this into your lives? Let me know if the following makes sense:

There are milestones or mile markers in our lives, events that are so significant to us that they immediately become markers from which we measure time from that moment forward and before which we can’t quite even remember who we were. These events imprint us.

In life, what is really important? And how do we know it is important? Of course, everything can seem important sometimes, but there are moments or even days in our lives that stand out as islands or pointers for us as to who we are, why we are here, and what we have to do. Astrology is all about pinpointing these times.

Think of the astrology chart with the planets moving in the heavens around us like a giant kaleidoscope, ever changing. And although time seems continuous, all time is not equal. The intensity or meaning of time for us rises and falls, has peaks and valleys. Some times are intense and meaningful, while others are empty of events, perhaps even a little boring. Are meaningful events just random or can we search ahead through time for these more meaningful and intense moments?

One way to do this is through astrology. Astrology is all about showing us where and when the physically significant events in the heavens occur and we can do this ahead of time. Astrology tells us about the future, not in a psychic manner, but in a measurable fashion, like pointing out when significant heavenly events happen. And let’s not forget that we measure our day-to-day time by the astronomical cycles, the day, the month, the year, etc. These cycles in time are so much with us that we take them for granted and tend to ignore them, but they mark time for us nonetheless.

As the Sun, Moon, and the planets form various angular patterns or aspects in the sky, these are events. We can chart the times when these aspect-events occur and they offer a good (perhaps the only!) guide we have to important celestial moments. We could do worse than to (at the very least) take note of them.

As a society we have the idea of what celebration is all about, because we already celebrate birthdays and other social events. Yet many of us wish that our entire life was somewhat more of a celebration than it is. What if our existence could be more of a perpetual celebration? Astrology at least points to how that might be enabled.

New and Full Moons are two important events that happen each month. We can learn to take advantage of them and use them. I try to do this whenever I can remember to observe them. And the monthly lunar cycle can be broken down in much more detail than just the New and Full Moons. For example, the Tibetan Buddhists divide the month into 30 distinct lunar days (not calendar days), each of which marks a time for a particular type of activity, and the Buddhists are aware of these events and how to best use them. Just like birthdays, celebrating distinct events like these can make life more meaningful.

Taking advantage of the natural articulation of time as indicated by Full and New Moons, eclipses, and the many other planetary events can bring increased meaning into our lives. We might as well get in-tune with the natural heavenly cycles going on around us all of the time. We can synch up. These cycles are happening anyway, so why not take advantage of them? Astrology charts the flow of significant astronomical events which, like stations on a cosmic radio, we can tune in to.

In my experience, there are just two requirements to make use of astrological cycles in life in order to tune in the natural set of astrological indicators happening around us. First, you have to know when these events occur, like the moment (or at least the day) of the New or the Full Moon, planetary aspects, and so on. There are many books and programs that can provide you with a list of what astrological factors are occurring and when. The second requirement, however, is a little more difficult.

Even if we have a list or know when the Full or New Moon is taking place, we still have to tune in or get in synch with these cycles. This is done by gradually becoming aware of them. Reading about them, like you are here, is a first step. If we know when the Full Moon is happening, we can attempt to be aware of that and at least be open to examining our mindstream at these times.

Trying or wanting to be aware is not the same as being aware, but it is a start. We can practice being aware, which is what sitting meditation is all about – practicing. It is just like learning to dance. We go through the motions of a new dance step by rote until we can get a feel for it, get into the swing of it. Fluency does not happen all at once, but gradually we get into the rhythm of the cycles always going on around us. We learn to resonate to and with them. Might as well dance ‘with’ the cycles as against them.

Reading blogs like this and then learning to be aware when the New or Full Moon rolls around is how we begin. And for many of you, that may be enough. For those of you who (like me) really love this kind of thing, then we can be a little more pro-active about our participation. We can practice developing awareness, so that whatever rolls in from the heavens, we can be more aware of.

As for me, I have increasingly worked to become more and more aware of what is going on around me, but it takes practice. I have done that practice and please don’t imagine it was easy or always fun either. It is practice, like any other practice such as learning to play a musical instrument, and so on.

There are signs everywhere in the life around us and I have made a point of trying to learn to read them. I kind of live by reading the signs in my life and acting on them. It became clear to me years ago that I personally needed to become more aware in order to really be sensitive to these natural signs, and that is when I became pro-active in all of this. I actively started to practice meditation under a qualified teacher. It may have been the best decision I ever made. It takes time, but the wonderful thing is that it actually works! Your thoughts?


Star Dance Around The May Pole: Cosmic Hearts and Celestial Flowers

Springtime Astrology, 2012

By Dikki-Jo Mullen, Astrologer

Welcome to the sky box at the theater! The exploits of the Greek and Roman gods and goddesses continue to write the script for each day of our lives. Really, the classical deities live on in the energies of the planets which bear their names. Astrology, like a divine playwright, orchestrates a perpetual cosmic drama. It‘s always show time … set on the earthly stage.

…The mythology of Venus, ruler of the signs of Taurus and Libra, is among the most tantalizing of the planetary god/goddess legends. Venus, the archetypal love goddess, is lovely, charming and jealous. She demands adulation, but also rewards her courtiers richly. …Venus will tell you how to express love and enjoy the arts. She also whisper your heart’s desire. Listen carefully (Taurus rules the ears and hearing).

Begin by considering Venus by sign and house in your own natal chart, then look at any aspects she makes to other planets, the Sun or Moon. Next consider the houses ruled by Libra as well as Taurus in your horoscope. Remember, Venus holds sway over both signs.

June 5 brings A very, very rare Venus passage over the Sun (the last one until December 10, 2117!). This phenomenal event is said to have been predicted by the Mayan astrologers and will be visible in the Northwest and in Hawaii about 6:10 pm PDT, but regrettably will not be seen the East coast U.S.A. (The Sun will have already set). Star gazers in Australia, New Zealand and The Orient should be able to observe it though. Watch Venus cross the solar disc if you can. Expect economic impacts and other social changes. Keep a sense of humor if dealing with ill mannered or selfish individuals. Conserve resources. Hold on for the ride. This night of June 5 has been called "The Night of the Watchers" and refers to angelic/alien vistors being noticed.

The Spring and Summer of 2012 Path of Venus in the Zodiac

Transiting (a transit refers to the current position of a planet) Venus is in the midst of an exceptionally long transit through the sign of Gemini. This began on April 3, 2012 at 11:18 AM EDT and concludes on August 7 at 9:43 AM EDT. Usually Venus remains only three or four weeks in a single sign, but a rare Venus retrograde (from May 16 - June 28) brings this special twist and long loop to her cosmic dance. The solar eclipse in Gemini on the evening of May 20 will intensify the meaning of this time for all.

Gemini has a traditional link with butterflies. I recently purchased a painted lady caterpillar in a terrarium at the Winter Park, Florida Farmers' Market. Food and directions were included and the terrarium sits on my desk as I write. Butterfly is still a furry worm, soon to become a chrysalis, hopefully eventually to emerge into a new life as a beautiful winged creature. I have a lantana plant already planted outside the door for her release. The Farmers' Market’s Butterfly Man says that lantana is going to be my butterfly’s favorite flower.

·         Air Signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, will find this Venus influence very positive. Both love and money are promising. Reach out to a new friend, create good will. Plan a vacation, shop for finery.

·         Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, you can improve your skills, solve a puzzle and focus on fitness. Enroll in a class, purchase books. Explore alternatives.

·         Fire signs: Sagittarius, Aries and Leo, team work pays off. Cooperate. Network, think of others. Kind and charitable acts bring rewards. Consider getting more involved in politics and community life. Register to vote.

·         Water signs: Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio, it’s a good time to get organized. Make your environment more comfortable and attractive. Cherish quiet times, a tranquil mind knows the right answer. Dreams and meditations offer valuable perceptions.



·         There is a lunar eclipse on June 4, 2012 at 4:12 AM PDT.

·         Venus eclipses the Sun on June 5-6

·         The Summer Solstice is on June 20, 2012 at 7:09 PM EDT

On June 24, 2012 there is a perfect mother T-cross in the heavens on 3 degrees Pisces, Gemini and Virgo. Saturn (our teacher) turns direct on June 25.

“The Pleiades are a well-known sight in the Northern Hemisphere in winter and in the Southern Hemisphere in summer, and have been known since ancient times to cultures all around the world. The Hopi consider themselves direct descendants of the Pleiades.“

The Maya also consider the Pleiades very important and base their calendars on this star system and the planet Venus.

“Eclipses mean changes and new beginnings. The only way to claim your beauty, your wealth, your health, and your love is to see it in others. For the world mirrors your own reflection. If you do not feel worthy and prosperous, you see that in your own reflection. Do not focus on depreciation: instead focus on appreciation. Allow what you have ownership of to gain value through you. You receive value when you see the value of others. You gain your beauty when you see the beauty of others. You gain wealth when you rejoice in the good fortune of others. Their good fortune means that your good fortune is right around the corner. Every minute of every day you too shall be blessed if you quietly bless others.”

Then we have a lunar eclipse on June 4, 2012. A lunar eclipse is always feminine in nature. Following this eclipse will be Venus eclipsing the Sun. Venus will stand before the Sun with her light focused on Earth. She reflects the Goddess energy. She is bright and beautiful and full of light, especially because she will be reflecting the new energy from the Sun to Earth. The Photon Belt is also here and this magnetic energy is coming to Earth in waves and stirring up our emotions and our lives.

On June 24tha perfect mother T-cross will appear in the heavens. Neptune, the planet that represents the Mother Goddess, will be on 3 degrees Pisces. The moon, feminine, will be on 3 degrees Virgo the sign of the Earth Goddess. Jupiter will be on 3 degrees Sagittarius in a male sign. One of the symbols of the Templars is the T-cross. They worship, or honor John the Baptist and the feast day of John is June 24th.

This eclipse will be Venus eclipsing the Sun. Venus will stand before the Sun with her light focused on Earth. She reflects the Goddess energy. She is bright and beautiful and full of light, especially because she will be reflecting the new energy from the Sun to Earth. The Photon Belt is also here and this magnetic energy is coming to Earth in waves and stirring up our emotions and our lives.


Venus Makes a Visit

By Elizabeth Rozan

The seven daughters of Atlas and Pleione,

the Seven Weeping Sisters,

were pursued relentlessly by Orion.

But they prayed to Lord Zeus,

taker and giver of all,

who took pity on them

and answered their prayers,

transforming them into a flock of doves,

placed among the stars

to weep their stars of sorrow.


When Venus pays a visit

there are no more tears.

The feminine is made visible

As she dances across the Sun

showing the way to the new vibration.

No more tears of sorrow!

Only the strength of an open heart

beating synchronistically,

living grandly in Venus’s light,

remembering what is deeply known.

From The Mountain Astrologer June/July 2012 issue






9:21 AM EDT

Moon at perigee


7:12 AM EDT

Partial Lunar Eclipse @ 14˚14' Gemini/Sag

6/5 - 6/6


Venus CJN Sun



Mercury enters Cancer



Venus enters Gemini

Jupiter enters Gemini


9:25 PM EDT

Moon at apogee


11:02 AM EDT

New Moon @ 28˚43' Gemini


7:09 PM EDT

Summer Solstice


Sun enters Cancer

6/22 - 7/2


Boȍtids meteor shower peaks



Ceres enters Gemini



Uranus SQR Pluto (1st of 7 exact squares)


T-Square 3˚Neptune Pisces/Jupiter Gemini/Moon Virgo



Saturn direct @ 22˚46' Libra


Jupiter SQR Neptune


Mercury enters Leo



Venus direct @ 7˚29' Gemini


10:00 PM EDT

Mercury @ greatest eastern elongation




By: Stephanie Austin

What do we think, and what do we know? ...So what is real? What is true? This Full Moon eclipse shows us that those answers cannot come from our head, but will come from our heart.

At this time, Venus, the planet associated with love and beauty, conjoins the Sun in Gemini, closely squares Mars in Virgo, and most importantly, on June 5-6 makes a rare transit across the Sun. Venus transits occur in pairs; the first was on June 8, 2004. The previous pair of transits occurred in 1874 and 1882; the next will be in 2117 and 2125.

Venus was closely observed by the Mayans and known in the ancient world as the Great Goddesses Inanna, Ishtar, Hathor, and Aphrodite; she is the Western equivalent of the Hindu Shakti, the creative power of the feminine. As the esoteric or spiritual ruler of Gemini, Venus represents the divine marriage, the unification of opposites that leads to enlightened awareness. Mercury, the traditional ruler of Gemini, is also an alchemical figure; Hermes (its earlier, Greek version) is associated with kundalini, the primal force at the base of the spine that, when activated, produces unity consciousness. Venus’s transit across the Sun, highlighted by this eclipse, symbolizes a collective readiness for the reemergence of the divine feminine; it supports women reclaiming their power and men reclaiming their feminine side. …

Lunar eclipses are extra-powerful Full Moons; the precise alignment of the Sun, Moon, and Earth intensifies shifts in the electromagnetic fields of the Earth and all its inhabitants, destabilizing existing matrices and facilitating the reconfiguration of consciousness. During a lunar eclipse, we experience the Moon directly, without the light it normally reflects from the Sun, and it exposes a deeper level of our emotional reservoirs. Nineteen years ago, on June 4, 1993, there was a lunar eclipse at 13˚53’ Sagittarius-Gemini, very close to the degree of this eclipse. What was important to you back then? What is calling you now?

Just hours after the peak of this lunar eclipse, Neptune takes its yearly turn retrograde, stationing at 3˚09’ Pisces. It remains retrograde until November 10, turning direct at 0˚22’ Pisces and returning to 3˚09’ Pisces on March 2, 2013. Neptune, the higher octave of Venus, dissolves the illusion of separation and attunes us to our inherent divinity and interconnectedness. Further widening the doors of perception, this eclipse also closely aligns with the Great Attractor located at 14˚02’ Sagittarius. Our solar system and billions of stars in the Milky Way galaxy and another 30+ galaxies (called the Local Group) are all moving toward this sector of space. Alignments with this super-powerful source of gamma rays, radio waves, and other forms of electromagnetic energy open up a wormhole (a shortcut in time and space), enabling us to grasp things ordinarily beyond our field of perception.

…This Full Moon summons us to integrate masculine and feminine, head and heart, spirit and matter, and to remember: “Love never divides; it only multiplies.” (Leslie Temple-Thurston)

From The Mountain Astrologer, June/July 2012 issue




By Stephanie Austin

We’ve reached the flash point. Nothing less than a spiritual revolution, a radical shift in consciousness, will resolve the global issues and personal dilemmas we are currently facing. This New Moon marks a threshold of rapid endings and beginnings. Breakdowns happen so that breakthroughs can occur. Relationships, institutions, and anything not aligned with the highest good for all concerned are being challenged to evolve or dissolve. This is a huge cosmic test and a summons to stand in our truth and in our power.

This New Moon is greatly potentized by several factors: its proximity to the solstice on June 20 and opposition to the Galactic Center at 27˚ Sagittarius; its formation just before the first of seven exact squares of Uranus and Pluto on June 24; Saturn’s station direct on June 25; Venus’s ending its retrograde phase on June 27; and this lunation’s very close conjunction with the red giant star Betelgeuse at 28˚54’ Gemini.

This New Moon peaks just 32 hours before the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere (June 20 at 7:09 pm EDT) and the winter solstice in the Southern. Solstices have long been recognized by cultures around the world as important turning points; marking “the return of the light” at the winter solstice and, sis months later, the lengthening of night. Solstices function as energetic gateways, allowing a great influx of stellar radiation as the axial tilt of the Earth comes to a gravitational standstill for three days. Because the summer and winter solstices are now also closely aligned with the Galactic Cross – the intersection of the plane of our Milky Way Galaxy with the ecliptic (the path of the Earth around the Sun) – each solstice provides a wider portal for the celestial downloads that are accelerating humanity’s evolution.

Our readiness to take a big step forward increases as Saturn ends its five-month retrograde phase on June 25 at 22˚46’ Libra, and Venus ends its 43-day retrograde on June 27 at 7˚29’ Gemini. We’ve been reviewing our values, commitments, and priorities; we are now ready to act on what we have learned since Saturn turned retrograde on February 7 and Venus on May 15. On June 11, Jupiter began its once-every-12-years passage through Gemini’ Jupiter remains within 12˚ of Venus until July 27, generating new connections, new truths, and new possibilities in communication, education, and cross-cultured exchange. Ceres, the dwarf planet symbolizing the Great Goddess, moves in Gemini on June 23, empowering new alliances and expressions of the feminine.

The Sun and Moon’s close conjunction with Betelgeuse and opposition to the Galactic Center funnels even more cosmic support for transformation. Betelgeuse is one of the largest and most luminous bodies in the sky, and is the brightest star in Orion, a constellation closely observed in the ancient world. The Great Pyramid at Giza, the pyramid complex of Teotihuacán in Mexico, ancient Hopi villages in the United States, and a Neolithic complex in North Yorkshire, England were all built to align with Orion. Betelgeuse is a relatively young star, only ten million years old (in contrast to our Sun, which is 4.5 billion years old); it is evolving so rapidly that it’s expected to burst into a supernova sometime within the next million years. Its name derives from the Arabic root for “the central one”, and according to Alice Bailey and Djwhal Khul: “Influential and potent forces [are] pouring in at this time from the great stars Betelgeuse and Sirius … they produce a stimulation of the heart centre Betelgeuse and the head centre Sirius.” (from Esoteric Psychology, II, p. 721)

…We live in a time of great challenge and great opportunity. Each thought, word, and deed matters. Be as present, impeccable, and compassionate as you can, for this New Moon shows us: “The world is too dangerous for anything but truth, and too small for anything but love.” (William Sloane Coffin)

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