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Starward 05 May 2012


We’re in for a treat this month. One of the founders of our club, Elizabeth Mayo, has written an article for us concerning the Annular Eclipse of May 20th; then Dikki Jo Mullen wrote an article for us about Neptune in Pisces.

If any of you want to have your thoughts in print, please email them to me.

Sandye Sievers



The map below show the path of the May 20th solar eclipse. The eclipse path starts in southern China, passes through Japan, and ends in the western United States.

You will note that the “ring of light” will pass through Medford, OR; Eureka, Redding, Chico, and Yuba City, CA; Reno and Carson City, NV; St George, UT; Farmington, Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Clovis, and Roswell, NM; Lubbock and Midland, TX.

From April/May 2012 The Mountain Astrologer

Neptune in Pisces—Writing a Zodiacal Dance Card

Dikki Jo-Mullen © 2012.

For the first time since the mid 1800’s, about 160 years ago, Neptune is in its own ruling sign of Pisces, where it will remain until early 2026. Pisces rules the feet and has a special tie with dance. Venus, which is exalted in Pisces, is the other zodiacal ruler of dance. Perhaps that’s why dance, in its many forms, is in the midst of a world wide resurgence in popular appeal.

It makes life graceful and beautiful. Contributing to wellness, both psychologically and physically, movement to music is extremely beneficial and can be done cost free. The mystique of the dance, whether as a spectator or participant, touches nearly all of us and addresses a secret longing to celebrate life. “Get up and dance” is a simple phrase describing the international explosion of fascination with one of the most popular of hobbies. Schools, supply stores, publications and television programs dedicated to dance are more numerous than ever before during this second decade of the 21st Century. The yearning to move with grace and power is one of the most universal forms of creativity. Dancing’s legendary Ted Shawn once said,

“Dance is the only art in which we ourselves are the stuff of which it is made.”

Still, it can be difficult for those who aren‘t naturally athletic or energetic to get moving. The various kinds of dance are as varied as the stars in the heavens. To take a first step (pardon the pun) experiment with the forms of dance most closely associated with your familiar Sun sign, then consider where your ascendant, Neptune and Venus (the planets which rule dance) lead you. The idea is just to relax and move. Dance is all about letting the expression of joy surge from within. It matters not if you have “four left feet”.


Forceful and dynamic Disco Dancing is for you. Spasmodic jerks to ear splitting music accent spontaneity and freedom more than technical precision. Independent Aries will love this. You are the zodiac’s pioneer and disco closely mirrors primitive and tribal dance. Consider a crowded dance floor in Paris, New York or Rio. The dancers move as if hypnotized, oblivious to the rest of the world. Doesn’t that suggest a tribal energy, preparing for a successful hunt?


Beautiful gowns or elegant tuxedos donned by couples absorbed in each other while they move to music that’s rich in timbre and rhythm … the atmosphere leads to … Ballroom Dancing. Your affectionate and sensual nature delights especially in the waltz. This most popular of ballroom dances originated in the 18th Century as a reaction against the rigid minuet. Once considered lewd and suggestive, ballroom dance now is viewed as dignified and gracious. It’s the perfect way to get the rather lazy Bull to exercise and overcome inertia. Their lucky partners can enjoy the affectionate possessiveness which characterizes an evening out with a Taurus.


Jazz Dance, which is versatile and fun, belongs to the mercurial Gemini dancer. The carefree mood which is a heritage from America’s first famous African American performers suits perfectly. A variety of intricate leaps and turns combined with many different kinds of musical accompaniments (sea chanteys, cowboy tunes, hymns, etc.) will rescue Gemini from boredom. Jazz dance often includes clapping of hands or playing an instrument, perhaps the banjo or harmonica, to add another dimension which the multi faceted Gemini always appreciates.


Sentimental Moon children will revel in Folk Dance. This style of dance honors homelands. Brought from “the old country” it preserves memories, history, heritage and roots from around the world. The Irish jig, polka, square dance and highland fling are familiar folk dances. Participation with others, oneness with community, will encourage shy and reserved Cancer to relax and flow with the music. Folk costumes in traditional styles, perhaps fashioned from vintage patterns and fabrics will add to the experience.


Tap Dance, with its theatrical flair and showmanship, is for you. The Lion revels in the individual choreography and distinctive sounds of tap shoes, the embellished movements and relaxed feline agility. Tap dance glitters, it developed during the golden age of the great musicals of the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s. Tap dancers cover a wide range of creative expression according to the music selected. It ranges from ragtime to classical and show tunes.


Dance attracts you because of the practical health benefits. Try Aerobics. Recreation combined with a fitness program adds to your pleasure. Shop for the proper aerobic shoes and leotards. Be sure to keep track of your target heart rate so you’re certain to reap maximum benefits from the work out. The orderly movements and organized routine of aerobics, which are really calisthenics to music, will be most enjoyable and uplifting for you. Join a class at a local health club.


Oriental culture has a traditional link with your birth sign. Tai Chi, the most gentle of martial arts, introduces you perfectly to the world of dance. Subtle interpretive movements based on the natural world, Tai Chi is all about harmony within the self attained through mirroring animals and the environment. It is supple and flowing. A quiet courtesy characterizes the practice of Tai Chi. It allows the dancer to relax and be oneself, yet the etiquette and balance so dear to Librans is present.


Oriental culture has a traditional link with your birth sign. Tai Chi, the most gentle of martial arts, introduces you perfectly to the world of dance. Subtle interpretive movements based on the natural world, Tai Chi is all about harmony within the self attained through mirroring animals and the environment. It is supple and flowing. A quiet courtesy characterizes the practice of Tai Chi. It allows the dancer to relax and be oneself, yet the etiquette and balance so dear to Librans is present.


Mysterious, exotic, with a hint of the erotic, Belly Dance is your choice. Your secretive side delights in the veils, coins and finger symbols associated with this tradition. Originally the belly dance movements were thought to facilitate ease of conception and child birth, this honors the intimate passions which the Scorpion oversees. The cultures of the Middle East and India as well as gypsy performers the world over are linked to the intrigue of belly dance. Gentlemen, drum sequences and stronger dance moves offer suitable variations for you.


Your emblem, the half horse figure of the Centaur provides a clue. Think of the freedom and challenges of the American frontier and the cowboys of the Old West. So it’s Western Dance that suits you. Try stomping the two step dressed in your denims, boots and hat. It’s the saloon and barn dance culture of the wild frontier revisited with humor and good will.


Pantomime, serious and stylized silent dance with a message is for you. Also called mummery and mimicry, mime honors a long cultural tradition that will appeal to you. It can be traced back to the Greek dramas. It has a theatrical application in opera as well. Contemporary pantomime dancers usually wear white face make up, first presenting themselves as clowns or buffoons. As the dance unfolds and progresses it encourages the audience to think and react on a new, deeper level to a story line.


Progressive Aquarians will be naturals at Modern Dance. Developed in the mid 20th Century as a rebellion against the rigidity of ballet, Modern Dance is all about the uniqueness and isolation of the individual performer. Artistic expression flows freely. Performed barefoot, wearing loose, comfortable clothing such as free flowing robes, skipping, walking and sitting postures are a part of the dance genre. This originality shocked audiences at first, it had not been seen in the long history of dance before.


Pisces rules the feet in the zodiac of health and body. This is important because of all of the twelve signs, Pisces is most closely linked to dance. Many of the greatest dancers who have ever lived have been Pisceans. This includes Vaslav Nijinsky and Rudolph Nereyev, two of ballet’s brightest stars. Of course Ballet, the ultimate and considered by many to be the only true form of dance, belongs to you. Ballet is surrounded by romance, mystique and tradition. It is the fruit of much sacrifice, concentration and devoted effort by performers. For most, the elusive and ethereal beauty of the ballet is enjoyed from a distance, sitting in the audience, rather than participated in.

Ballet transports the viewer and dancer alike to the 12th house of the zodiac, the natural home of Neptune.


From Planet Alert

Ascension Day is May 17, 2012.

May 20, 2012 is when there is a solar eclipse at 4:47 PM PDT and our Sun lines up with the great central Sun Alcyone in the Pleiadian Star System. This is the Sun that our solar system takes 25,920 years to circle around and I believe this signifies the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new one. The Pleiadian system is where the Photon Belt is located. Alcyone is in the Photon Belt all the time. Our local system has just moved into this belt. This belt/cloud was outside our solar system for a long time and now it is inside our system and Earth is being affected by it.

From Elizabeth Mayo ~ Quoting from the 2011 Calendar of "Celestrial Influences" calendar

(1) An "Annular Eclipse of the Sun"; on May 20-21, 2012 - "0 Gemini 21" (A "Solar Eclipse" at the New Moon.)  At a Solar Eclipse, the Sun is usually completely covered by the Moon.

"An 'Annular' Eclipse is when a narrow ring of the Sun is visible beyond the dark mask of the Moon. “

This Annular phase in May will be visible on the Chinese coast, the South of Japan, and the Western part of the United States and Canada. Tokyo is on the central path. The Maxium Eclipse will occur in the North Pacific Ocean, south of the Aleutian Islands, and end in the Western United States. 

The Partial Eclipse of the Moon, (June 14, 2012) @14 Sagittarius, will be visible over most of Asia, Russia, and northwestern United States. This eclipse has a very wide path, and long durations. The Sun will not be "darkened" as much as it is during shorter-lasting eclipses.

"This is the 1st Eclipse of the 21st Century where the central line of the "umbra" passes through the Continental United States, and the 1st Annular Eclipse in the U.S. since May 10, 1994."

(2) "Partial Eclipse of the Moon - June 14, 2012, @ 14 Sagittarius 14. The Moon will pass partially into the Northern Umbral Shadow, being about 1/3rd covered @ Maxium Eclipse. The portion of the Moon within the Penumbral Shadow will be significantly dimmed. The portion of the Moon inside the Umbral Shadow will only be illuminated by Sunlight that is "refracted" through the Earth's atmosphere.  It will be much dimmer, and have a "reddish" hue.

This Lunar Eclipse is visible in the Western and Central parts of the Americas, the Pacific Ocean, Japan, Australia, Eastern Asia, and Antarctica.

Since the Astrological chart of the USA has a Gemini Ascendant, (a Mutable Sign), the fact that both of these Spring/Summer eclipses fall in the Mutable Signs of Gemini and Sagittarius could very well mean Major Changes coming up for the USA in the next year, dealing with Areas of Life ruled by Gemini/Sagittarius. This includes Travel - both local and long-distance; changes/stresses around Education - could include some places of Higher Learning - Problems or Difficulties around "Communications" - which could include the Television channels - News Program - Sports events, etc.

These 2 Signs also rule "Travel", so could indicate problems with Long-distance travel, including future "rocket ships" being launched from somewhere on the Planet; not necessarily from the United States.

To quote from Jim Maynard's "Celestrial Influences" 2012 calendar; (available from www.Quicksilver, P. O . Box 340; Ashland, Oregon 97520.

"Celestrial Influences", now in it's 39th year, is a complete Almanac, and includes an Explanation of the Influences of the Planets and Aspects; Eclipses, and a Table of Sunrises and Sunsets.  $8.95, plus shipping, or, is available from the Cosmic Church of Truth bookshop, Jacksonville, FL.. (Where the monthly meeting is held.)


* Perigee is the Moon’s closest distance to Earth

** Apogee is the Moon’s farthest distance from Earth

Dive Deep Into Pluto Retrograde

posted by Karen A. Kay

Get ready to dive deep into unexplored oceans of emotions! Pluto is going retrograde from Tuesday, April 10 through Tuesday, September 18, and it’s going to be a powerful period of personal reckoning.

Pluto is one of the most unpredictable planets, but we can predict the next five months will be spent examining our dark sides and questioning our motivation and desires.

See, Pluto was named for the Roman god of the underworld, so this tiny-but-powerful “dark planet” is all about looking at your own dark half so inner transformation and change can take place on a fundamental level. And in order to do so, you have to face your fear.

Pluto Retrograde wants you to ask yourself, are you who you really want to be? What things do you need to change in order to become that person? What are you afraid of?

It’s time to get honest with yourself. This period of retrograde reflection may involve delving into the dark, but it serves to bring you into the light.


Sword-wielding crusaders battle the

Saracens to secure a bridge into enemy territory

The crusading spirit; fighting for the truth in every situation; sharp political, social, or spiritual analysis; seeing the crux of a debate; winning an argument through superior logic vs. bullying people with bluster or force (fight dirty); developing confidence in one’s own viewpoint (ideologues who demonize their opponents, inner struggles to put the passions at the service of the spiritual will); arming others with the “sword of truth”; cutting the Gordian knot – slicing through big, messy problems with simple but radical solutions (will move mountains to clear a path to the future); decisive leadership of large political or business enterprises; establishing a free flow of goods or ideas (transportation issues); fighting to secure the future.


Having entered the dragon’s cave, a knight warily questions

the beast in order to discover its weaknesses. Behind the Dragon is a

miniature city under a glass dome, painted with the stars of heaven

Looking squarely at an evil that is close at hand vs. lashing out in ignorant misunderstanding (project their own evil onto others); fighting one’s inner demons (in the grip of powerful lusts); psychoanalysis – talking out one’s inner struggles; purifying one’s will and desires; containment of evil forces; protecting the young by fighting political or cultural corruption; working on society from within vs. being assimilated and corrupted (hold to a static picture of an ideal society, violently defend unexamined assumptions); careful examination of a problem vs. being unwilling to look at an issue from both sides; modesty about one’s knowledge that allows room for further enlightenment; listening with the heart vs. loving the sound of one’s own voice (pompous moralizing)




Standing in front of a mirror, a famous artist

paints a semi-realistic self-portrait, pausing to explain

its most salient features to his curious house guests.

Sharing a personal vision of life (self-promotion); ushering people into another world or another way of seeing things; uniting people around a common vision (believe that they see things more clearly than others); the mind as a magic mirror that reflects images of the outer world and of the imagination, though in a distorted, individualist way (uncomprehending readings of reality; getting lost in superficials vs. alerting the public to hidden, underlying patterns); the personality as a work of art that effectively channels archetypes of the group mind, and thus has a fascinating or electrifying effect on the public (class acts vs. self-obsessed egomaniacs); trying to leave one’s mark on society; translating mental images into words, actions, art, or architecture.

From: THE ZODIAC by DEGREES by Martin Goldsmith

Solar eclipses are extra-powerful New Moons, signaling major endings and beginnings. They occur close to the same degree every 19 years. On May 21, 1993, there was a partial solar eclipse at 0˚31’ Gemini; something you began that year is being completed or needing to spiral to the next level. This eclipse occurs only 16 days before the rare Venus transit of the Sun on June 5, and 5 weeks before the first of seven exact Uranus-Pluto squares, and near the close of a 26,000-year cycle — calling for a quantum leap in consciousness for each of us and for humanity as a whole.

From:  April/May 2012 issue of THE MOUNTAIN ASTROLOGER

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