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Starward 09 September 2012

President: Sandye Sievers

Vice President: Jay Boll

Secretary: Open

Treasurer: Open

Coordinator: Cathlinn Taylor-Deese

Next meeting: August 28, 2012 - 7 pm

Guest speaker: Kathy Minton


There’s only one article this month and it’s by my friend, Theodore (Tedd) White, and it’s a duzy. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Knowledge is power.

The longer I’m an astrologer, the more I realize it doesn’t matter which party is in control … everything is preordained. And be glad you’re not part of the 1% - as you’ll find out.

~ Sandye Sievers


The Years … 2013, 2014 & 2015 -  Economy, The Mayan Calendar

Prophecy: Corn, Famine, Farmers, Food, Preparation & Prudence

~ By Theodore White

…As we enter September and then October, a series of planetary translations will have taken place that will fixate serious problems that have been left unresolved, mainly financial and economic.

This, along with new dire problems forced by the planets relative to the Earth that affect our natural resources - extreme heat and drought that will deeply impact the land, food production and prices.

Most city dwellers falsely believe that their food comes from the corner grocery or supermarket when they should be kissing the feet of their local farmers and lending out a helping hand.

The years are coming when all city people are going to learn to truly love and respect farmers who are just starting to fight the battle of their lives in this decade.

Extreme Drought

The world economy continues to hang by a thread. Jupiter's detriment in Gemini and its coming station to retrograde in early October 2012 is not a good sign for the economies of nations.

Saturn's ingress into Scorpio, also in October 2012, immediately following Jupiter's retrograde and thus 'fixes' the rise in food prices exacerbated by adverse climate conditions I forecasted - mainly extreme drought and excessive heat waves.

In the sidereal skies of early August 2012, if you look to the west-southwest in late evening, you will see a triad of moving points that would be Saturn, the star Spica and the planet Mars in sidereal Virgo, reflecting the harvest season and it is unfavorable, to say the least. More on this below.

Both these malefic planets, the lesser malefic Mars and the Greater malefic Saturn, have been conjoined to the fixed star Spica, hanging around the star for over a year. During the month of August 2012, transiting Mars will transit through to enter tropical Scorpio August 23, followed by Saturn's ingress into tropical Scorpio by October 5, 2012.

Uranus' placement in dry tropical Aries signifies extreme levels of drought just as it did in the 1930s when Uranus was last in Aries. The drought and heat waves I've forecasted will be with the world for at least five (5) more years with the worst to come by the middle years of the Twenty-Tens, according to my calculations.

It is time to batten down the hatches.

The world is about to go on a serious food diet, according to my Astromet climate forecast.

Twenty-Tens, according to my calculations. It is time to batten down the hatches.  The world is about to go on a serious food diet, according to my Astromet climate forecast.

Drought-damaged corn is seen near Brownville, Nebraska on July 26, 2012. According to official sources, at least 40,000 high temperature records were set in 2012. For the year-to-date, there have been 40,113 warm temperature records set or tied, compared to just 5,835 cold records. (These figures, compiled by the National Climatic Data Center, are preliminary.) In other words, the warm temperature records have been outnumbering cold records by about a factor of 7-to-1.

Here's what the Associated Press said on August 2, 2012 - "The most recent numbers of the drought and pounding heat waves I predicted for the United States, about 220 counties in a dozen states have been added to the U.S. government's list of natural disaster regions."

Drought spreads to well over 1,000+ counties in the United States in July 2012 threatening the upcoming harvest just as astrometeorologist Theodore White warned back in his March 2012 Special Edition of Global Astrology.

This forced the nation's agriculture chief to announce new assistance for very frustrated, cash-strapped farmers/ranchers who are battling the extreme dryness and heat waves I had forecasted in the March 2011 special edition of Global Astrology.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture's addition of 218 counties means that more than half of all U.S. counties - about 1,584 in 32 states - have been assigned the designation of 'primary disaster areas' this summer growing season.

The vast majority of them mired in extreme drought that is being called the worst in decades.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration validated Astrometeorologist Theodore White's climate forecast by admitting that nearly every American state will likely have hotter than normal temperatures through October 2012. Now the ground is so dry in so much of the United States there is not enough moisture to evaporate into the atmosphere to cause the rainfall that everyone needs.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration validated Astrometeorologist Theodore White's climate forecast by admitting that nearly every American state will likely have hotter than normal temperatures through October 2012. Now the ground is so dry in so much of the United States there is not enough moisture to evaporate into the atmosphere to cause the rainfall that everyone needs.

According to my astrometeorological calculations made three years ago, I warned people about the coming drought, which is a combination of planetary configurations that signaled drought and heat waves to me. I continued warning in 2010 and 2011 and most recently, in March 2012, just ahead of the growing season.

My calculations clearly showed that a major climate change was about to take place as the planetary signatures were well known to me to cause heat waves and drought. I put out my warning in advance of the growing season for just that reason to help out farmers who I knew would fight to save the harvest.

A new report issued July 26, 2012 said that the widest drought to grip the United States in decades is getting worse, the longer it goes on. The drought covering two-thirds of the continental U.S. had been considered relatively shallow, the product of months without rain, rather than years.

But the new report said that the drought's intensity is increasing rapidly. Twenty percent of the nation is now in the two worst stages of drought

The U.S. Drought Monitor classifies drought in various stages, from moderate to severe, extreme and, ultimately, exceptional. Five states - Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska - are blanketed by a drought that is severe or worse.

States like Arkansas and Oklahoma are nearly as bad, with most areas covered in a severe drought and large portions in extreme or exceptional drought.

Other states are seeing conditions rapidly worsen. For instance, the state of Illinois - a key producer of corn and soybeans - saw its percentage of land in extreme or exceptional drought rocket from just 8 percent on July 19, 2012 to roughly 71 percent as of July 26. That is how bad things are.

And conditions are not expected to get better, with little rain and more intense heat forecast for the rest of the summer.

"Some of these areas that are picking up a shower here and there, but it's not really improving anything because the heat has been so persistent in recent weeks, the damage already is done," according to Brian Fuchs, a climatologist at the National Drought Mitigation Center at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln.

"Realistically, the forecast going forward is a continuation of warm, dry conditions through the end of August easily, and we may see them in the fall."

The drought I forecasted stretches from the state of Ohio and to the west - to California.

It also runs from Texas and heads north to the Dakotas. Only in the decades of the 1930s (Uranus in Aries) and the 1950s (Saturn in Scorpio) has a drought like this covered more of the United States, according to National Climatic Data Center in Asheville, N.C.

Rain-starved Oklahoma has people like Clinton rancher Paul Schilberg saying he would sell his herd of Black Angus cattle if he didn't stand to lose maybe $2,500 per head for the animals he usually buys for more than $3,000.

With the grass and forage dead from lack of rain, he's been forced to buy hay. "I'm feeding just like I would during the winter time," he said.

Nationwide, ranchers have been selling off large numbers of animals they can't graze and can't afford to buy feed for. Schilberg saying he would sell his herd of Black Angus cattle if he didn't stand to lose maybe $2,500 per head for the animals he usually buys for more than $3,000.

With the grass and forage dead from lack of rain, he's been forced to buy hay. "I'm feeding just like I would during the winter time," he said.

Nationwide, ranchers have been selling off large numbers of animals they can't graze and can't afford to buy feed for.

The nation's cattle inventory, at 97.8 million head, is the smallest since the U.S. Department of Agriculture began a July count in 1973.

Mark Thompson, a professional farm manager with about 1,200 acres of corn and soybeans near Fort Dodge, Iowa, said good land management practices including no-till farming could help crop farmers muddle through.

"Eastern Iowa is in worst shape than we are," he said. "Right around here, we're still at the tipping point, but conditions have improved somewhat, even though last night's rain wasn't widespread."

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback declared a drought emergency in all of the state's 105 counties and urged residents to conserve as much water as possible as the drought becomes more intense.

The latest Drought Monitor report lists 73 percent of Kansas in an extreme drought, up 9 percent from a week earlier.

Brownback's move allows farmers, ranchers and communities to draw water from 28 state fishing lakes. Tracy Streeter, the Kansas Water Office's director, said there was adequate supply in the state and U.S. Army Corps of Engineer lakes to meet the demand.

"Even today, the lake elevations are good, all things considered," Streeter said.

He said ranchers can take 4,000 to 5,000 gallons of water at a time on semi-trucks loaded with tanks, but that's not a permanent solution. "Folks can't do that long term because of the cost of hauling the water. If they are buying feed, too, they may just have to sell the cattle."

The 2012 harvest is in serious trouble.

I always wondered why the Mayan mundane astrologers, their priest-astrologers, would use Venus as the major marker of their astronomical long count calendar.

When I was 12 years old, back in 1975, I remember one of my tutors in classical studies tell me something about Native American prophecy, focusing on Corn, along with the constellations of Aries, Gemini, Scorpio, and the sheaf of the Virgin of Virgo.

I remembered once that I saw a curious drawing, in this little handbook, a pamphlet, say no more than 36 pages, with a white Buffalo and Corn on the cover. I saw it at a flea market I think, it was 1975. This drawing I saw inside the book had stars in the skies and below it a scene of Corn dying across a vast nation that also fed the world with its abundance of corn and wheat.

Under extreme and lengthy heat waves, along with the lack of rain, which then gave way to widespread drought, a kind of planetary curse by means of the fixed star Alcyone, the main star of the constellation of the Pleaides, which was also featured in this pamphlet. I think it was only a couple hundred of copies.

Flea markets were all the rage back in the mid-1970s, so I sat down and ate my lunch while flipping through this curious book whose title I just cannot remember.

But I remember that it was hot that day. It was summer, really hot and humid out. I think it was August. I also recall that while I sat down to eat my own sandwich and flip through this little book I borrowed to read that I had sat on someone's mustard-filled sandwich they threw away on the ground and it got it all over my blue jeans. I remember that. I was pissed. Those were nice pair of Lee jeans too.

Anyway, It was the Pleiades I saw illustrated in this crude but neat little pamphlet that I can't find anywhere. Whoever wrote it was trying to say something. But I remembered the drawing by astronomical means and realized that what I saw back then as an athletic and a bit geeky 12-year old in Philadelphia sitting on mustard, was a prophecy of sorts that was somehow connected to the Mayan Astronomical Long Count Calendar, their fascination with the Transit of Venus, the star Alcyone and the Pleiades.

I didn't come back to me for many years later until I had cast a mundane chart for the solar eclipse and interpreted it.

… The recent May 20, 2012 annular solar eclipse took place - at 00˚ Gemini, occulting the main star of the Pleiades, which is Alcyone.

The eclipse was the most filmed eclipse to date and it passed over Asia, the North Pacific, over the western U.S. into the southwestern states and straight into Texas where the eclipse ended near Lubbock on that Sunday.

The annular solar eclipse had crossed the international date line so technically, it had traveled from May 21 in Asia to May 20th in the United States.

The Drought

The star Alcyone amid the Pleiades are famous in astrometeorological history and well-known as the weather constellation.

If you go back and scan the news events that has struck all over Asia, the north Pacific, the American west and southwestern American states where the annular solar eclipse was seen then you will see a diverse host of unfavorable events that have happened since May 20th. That is mundane astrology, and it is also astrometeorology. The heat wave, the wildfires and drought features powerfully as well.

In my March 2012 Special Edition of Global Astrology I forecasted the heat wave and the extreme drought climate I saw coming in my Astromet Climate Forecast For 2012 and prayed that after my Fukushima, Japan forecast that no more of my earthquake forecasts would come true.

I do that a lot.

I often pray that the unfavorable and bad things I sometimes see and forecast by means of the planets NEVER comes true. Sometimes my prayers are answered and I feel really good although my forecast didn't take place.

It's like watching a baby walk with a big lit match across a giant pool of fresh gasoline and the baby accidently drops the brightly burning match into the pool of gasoline - and nothing happens. Not a thing.

We all know how the laws of physics operate in that situation. What I do is make the sign of the Cross, I look up to the sky and thank the Immortal God because I know divine intervention when I see it. Momma didn't raise no fool.

That's how it looks when you read astrological charts of unfavorable mathelatical aspects between planets to the Earth. It's like that and you pray. You just learn as many good prayers as you can. Sometimes the prayers are answered and sometimes they're not. That's the hard part, but I still pray nonetheless. It can't hurt, it could maybe help, I ask, right?

Anyhow, it's a really... well, kind of very different life to be a forecasting astrologer and one who attempts to forecast the climate and weather, both physical and mundane.

When I was a 12-year old boy all I wanted to do was five (5) things and five (5) things only: play baseball, stargaze with my telescopes; get paid to deliver all the neighborhood newspapers on my route in decent weather; keep my sisters out of my precious room and make sure my mom and all my friends' moms made great food all the time so I could eat it.

That's it.

What happened?

What a world.

Anyway, those reading this should prepare for higher food prices certainly by late autumn, and especially through Winter 2013, all next year and into 2014, when the third phase of the 'cardinal crisis' years gets going by early spring.

This October, Saturn's ingress in the fixed financial Sign of Scorpio along with the transit of the Lunar Nodes on the Scorpio/Taurus axis by early September signals rising food prices and volatile market conditions focused on commodities.

We can expect the prices to stabilize before the general election in November, but the fact is that Mother Nature just ain't a politician.

She doesn't join any political party and has no ideology. The way I see it, her vote is really the only Vote that really matters in the final analysis.

Mother Nature chooses when and where and just how much she's going kick major butt - and according to the signs she's been giving me over the years in my own brand of stargazing, it was going to be much MAJOR butt she was about to kick.

She's doing it too. Been feeling the 'weather' and 'climate' recently all around you?

And Mother Nature is just getting started once - again. I forecast best that

Mother Nature is just getting started once - again. I forecast best that I know how, the best that I can, and then I duck when I see world transits like these. I respect the laws of physics - and so should you.

And Mother Nature is just getting started once - again. I forecast best that I know how, the best that I can, and then I duck when I see world transits like these. I respect the laws of physics - and so should you.

The food crisis now shaping up in America will affect the geopolitics of the entire planet, especially Africa and the Middle East.

The drought I forecasted by advanced astrometeorological means for the United States threatens a recurrence of the 2008 global food crisis, when soaring food prices set off widespread riots and unrest to parts of Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America. This is what food experts worry about the most and for very good reasons.

What few people remember is that in ancient times, over millennia, since the dawn of humanity, that Astrology, that is forecasting by means of the stars, constellations and planets, was applied and used mainly to predict the weather for food production, what we now call agriculture. Populations also had to trade resources between their countries, sometimes over vast distances.

Trading, for much of world history, took place over land and over the seas. So, populations required weather forecasters. That is how populations survived. They had to eat. And they had to trade. They didn't have the 'Weather Channel' or radio or the Internet to tell them what the future climate and weather would be like in any particular season.

It was astrologers, the skygazers, who invented meteorology, that is what we call weather and climate forecasting.

Anyway, as of summer 2012 corn prices reached an all-time high as the drought I forecasted beforehand by the astronomical means of astrometeorology has expanded across America. We can see corn recent trading at above $8.24 a bushel on the Chicago exchange. Soybeans were also trading at record levels.

The U.S. department of agriculture says that there could be less corn coming onto global markets into 2013 because of a sharp drop in American food exports.

People tend to forget that our wonderful United States is also the world's largest producer of corn and North America, you see, still feeds the world.

The U.S. dominates the market. Corn is also directly related to many food items. For instance, as feed for dairy cows, or for hogs and beef cattle, and corn is also a component in processed food. This is why I have forecasted a sharp rise in prices just as Saturn enters Scorpio in early October 2012.

That means the effects of the drought will extend far beyond the American mid-western states now baking under triple-digit temperatures.

"What happens to the U.S. supply has an immense impact around the world. If the price of corn rises high enough, it also pulls up the price of wheat," said Robert Thompson, a food security expert at the Chicago Council of Global Affairs.

"I think we are in for a very serious situation worldwide," he said.

I agree. It is what I have been warning about in my climate forecasts.

Some analysts are predicting a repetition of the 2008 geopolitical protests which swept across Africa and the Middle East, including countries like Egypt - because of high food prices.

In 2008, the food shock was because of rising prices for rice and wheat. This time, it's corn and soybean and there were no signs of shortfall in rice or wheat production.

The full effects of the American drought will likely take several months to emerge as Saturn enters Scorpio on October 5, 2012. Its severity will be determined by a number of additional risk factors.

Global grain stocks have reached a new low, with the U.S. and other countries getting down to their reserves.

"There are no reserves of these foods in the U.S. anymore," according to Sophia Murphy, a fellow at the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy.

That means there is no room for flexibility for countries that are forced to import grains. And that, my friends, means double trouble.

Thompson also warned that countries could make matters worse by stockpiling grains; putting further pressure on prices.

You see, that was the pattern during the 2008 food crisis when Russia, Ukraine, India and Argentina all cut off grain exports. I expect the same to occur again, under worse climate conditions.

It is still unclear whether the United States' demand for ethanol would further limit the amount of corn on the world market since about 40% of America's corn is used for ethanol – which helps to drive up the price of corn.

But some reports say that American ethanol plants were in shutdown across the Midwest, because high corn prices made production uneconomic and nearly impossible.

"What's difficult is that we see a drought happen today but people really are going to be feeling that six months from now, possibly a year from now," said Marie Brill, a policy analyst at ActionAid.

She said it was already clear the reduced supply and high prices of corn and soybean were set to cause serious hardships; especially among poor people in poor countries which depend on imported grain.

Countries that are net importers of corn be hit the hardest including South Korea, Japan, Peru, Guatemala, El Salvador and Columbia. Much of East Africa will be badly affected, she said.

Even African countries that produce their own corn will suffer because they are locked into the higher global prices. West Africa, for instance, is already in a food crisis. "If supply is as awful as the U.S. government is predicting then we're going to see another round of high prices and another increase in hunger," she said.

Food is about to become a more precious resource as well as more expensive in these economically weak times. A bad social and geopolitical mix is shaping up, to say the least.

The World Economy

Jupiter is now in tropical Gemini, where it will transit until late June 2013. In detriment here (does not function well) Jupiter also makes a synotic return to its 1929 position of retrograde at the 16th degree of Gemini.

This is where Jupiter stationed retrograde in October 1929 and where Jupiter will be in October 2012. This 83-year return of Jupiter to this position signals that a major economic downturn is ahead that will worsen an already anemic world economy.

Mars enters Scorpio, the Sign it rules, on August 23 and will transit there through early October. Mars will conjoin the Dragon's Head (North Lunar Node) during the first week of October 2012. This is another sign of the significance of October this year for the markets and society in general.

In September 2012, transiting Pluto in tropical Capricorn will station direct (Sept. 18) and the very next day will square Uranus in Aries (Sept. 19.) This is the second of seven (7) world squares by Uranus-Pluto which features hue-and-cries among populations, pitched battles and revolutionary sentiments growing by leaps and bounds through to 2015.

For instance, in Spain, the unemployment rate for people under the age of 52 is an amazing 53-percent! The social pressures in Spain will feature the country coming to the verge of intergenerational civil war as revelations of incredible corruption in government and the banking system spreads throughout Europe and the world.

Many European young people are leaving the European Union in search of jobs as the baby boomer establishment continues to drain the very life and resources out of the economies of nations.

Spain's economy is in deep trouble and any effort to control its deficit reduction are bad. Very bad. Spain's central government already has obligations amounting to 87.967 billion.

While its resources only amount to 44.879 billion (-4.1%), and this means that during the first six months of 2012 Spain has spent almost double what it has collected in revenues.

Spain's debt service has become the second biggest problem in the budget after unemployment benefits. In fact, Spain's interest payments of 12.239 billion Euros is already 23-percent more than the Spanish government pays its public employees, about 9.953 billion euros.

The nation's rocketing unemployment rate has forced the country to make additional contributions of 4,404 billion euros to Spain's Public Employment Service; while their version of social security has received an additional 2.575 billion euros.

The deep underlying problem is government revenue which is strongly inclined by the deterioration of economic activity while Spain's VAT receipts continue to fall at a rate of 8.6-percent.

Economists say they expect the loss of more than 300,000 Spanish jobs in 2013 - this represents 2-percent of the Spanish workforce. That is ten times more than previously estimated.

The reality is that Spain is already in a Great Depression. More nations are at the depression door. The very high unemployment rate has led to the increasing loss and waste of young workers bodes dire consequences for nations that are losing the very life-blood of their economies.

As Saturn positions to enter Scorpio as it transits the Via Combusta, I'm afraid to forecast that dark years are just around the corner.


The transits of August, September and October indicate the world is now on the verge of the economic collapse I had forecasted back in 2006. It continues to be my view that the baby boomer establishment has ruined the U.S. economy and it is now time for this establishment to go. The longer they stay, the more damage is bound to be done and we are entering Great Depression numbers as each day passes.

I had forecasted this years ago and continued to forecast on Global Astrology that corruption, greed and stupidity by the boomer establishment and at the highest levels of the government and financial system in the U.S. will have led to ever more municipalities facing bankruptcy. Now, it has begun as we see a wave of municipal bankruptcy filings underway.

[San Bernardino CA Bankruptcy]

"San Bernardino listed assets and debt of more than $1 billion in a filing yesterday (August 1, 2012) with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Riverside, California. It’s the third California city to seek court protection from creditors since June 28.

Officials in San Bernardino, Calif., facing an expected $45.8 million budget deficit this year, have formally filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection, a move that city leaders approved in July.

Interim City Manager Andrea Travis-Miller said that there would be "no immediate service reductions or changes in service to the community as a result of the filing."

City officials are working on a plan for the city's operational budget during bankruptcy. Once the plan is complete, reductions may occur, said Travis-Miller, who is aiming to submit a plan for the City Council's consideration within the next three weeks.

The city of 210,000 people, located about 60 miles east of Los Angeles, declared a fiscal emergency on July 18. It is the third California city to declare insolvency this year, joining Stockton and Mammoth Lakes.

After the July 2012 announcement, San Bernardino's finances experienced increased stress when a dozen employees put in for retirement with hopes of cashing out accrued vacation and sick time. The announcement also has spurred vendors to demand cash instead of credit as payment.

Officials say the housing crisis has completely devastated property and sales tax revenues, and the loss of state redevelopment funds took a toll on the city's budget.

City officials sped up the timing of the filing because they were concerned that some creditors may take legal action against the city, according to the mayor, Patrick J. Morris.

Under Chapter 9, all court cases and other legal actions against the city will be halted until the bankruptcy case is over.

One of the main problems is the high cost of the city’s union contracts, particularly for police and fire service, City Councilman Fred Shorett said in a phone interview.

Under the city charter, which is like a constitution for municipal governments, city officials must use a specific formula for determining wages and other benefits paid to its police and fire employees, Shorett said.

That formula requires the city to set compensation by comparing employee pay in San Bernardino, which has one of the highest home foreclosure rates in California, with cities in the state that are about the same size and have much more money to spend, Shorett said.

“We are set up for failure,” he said.

The city has about $55.9 million in bond debt tied to the general fund. The city also has unfunded liabilities of $296 million, including $195 million related to pensions and $61 million related to medical benefits for retired city workers."

Transits & Prudence

The Times, climate-wise, economically, socially and geopolitically, are about to go from bad to worse.

I, along with a few others around the globe have been warning about this for years. My mundane calculations clearly showed that unless major reforms were enacted (they were not) that we would enter a new kind of Great Depression by the autumn of 2012.

That time is now just around the corner. I continue to liken the summer of 2012 to the summer of 1929 as the similarities are striking. A major planet involved here is Jupiter, a business planet, in detriment in Gemini, and about to retrograde at the 16th degree of Gemini just as it did back in October 1929. Jupiter will station retrograde at 16-Gemini on October 4, 2012.

Saturn, another 'business planet' connected to agriculture will enter Scorpio the next day (Oct. 5) joined by transiting Mercury entering Scorpio the same day.

And with the North Lunar Node in Scorpio, after the conjunction with Mars in Scorpio the first week of October what we have here are economic signals that all is not well in the world economy.

The first of several world water trines between Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces will begin October 11, 2012 that will be of some help to those who are aware of the deep drop in economic/financial health worldwide.

A major Grand Water Trine between Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune that takes place in 2013 can assist those who are able to discern the proper, ethical and spiritual things to do - especially in helping to protect other people, their families, young people, children, the land and animals to buffer the impact of the economic, social and geopolitcal climate.

It is wise to associate with people of like minds who are able to assist with food, money and social assistance as governments, city, county and state agencies go broke as a result of major financial corruption over decades.

Know this - the powers that be - along with the outgoing baby boomer establishment, have been stealing trillions of dollars and resources and taking the future away from the young in order to feed their own fat behinds via corruption, greed and outrageous crimes that eclipse anything ever seen in world history.

My mundane forecasts on the U.S. economy continues to be validated, for instance -

The Federal Reserve Board on August 1, 2012 issued a gloomy report on the U.S. economy but announced no new measures to address slowing growth and high unemployment.

Following a two-day meeting, the Fed’s policy-making Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) issued a statement acknowledging that “economic activity decelerated somewhat over the first half of this year.”

This is a change from the statement issued by the FOMC following its last meeting in June, in which it characterized the US economy as “expanding moderately.”

The statement went on to note that employment growth “has been slow,” the pace of household spending has decreased from earlier in the year, and the housing sector “remains depressed.”

Looking forward, the Fed provided a bleak prognosis - “The Committee expects economic growth to remain moderate over coming quarters and then to pick up very gradually,” the FOMC declared. This means, in plain language, that the US economy will continue to stagnate for months, if not years, to come.

“Consequently,” the statement continued, “the Committee anticipates that the unemployment rate will decline only slowly…”—an acknowledgment that nothing will be done to significantly lower near-Depression levels of joblessness or record-high levels of long-term unemployment.

The statement went on to warn that even this dismal scenario might be overly optimistic in the face of financial turmoil in Europe and elsewhere around the world.

“Furthermore,” it declared, “strains in global financial markets continue to pose significant downside risks to the economic outlook.”

On Friday, July 27, 2012, the Commerce Department reported that the U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) grew by only 1.5 percent in the second quarter of this year - a sharp decline from the already low 2.0 percent increase in the first three months of 2012.

Other recent data confirms that the U.S. economy is slowing markedly. On August 1, 2012, the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) confounded economists’ expectations by reporting that manufacturing in the U.S. had contracted in July, marking two consecutive months of falling output.

The ISM’s factory index was 49.8 for July 2012, close to the three-year low of 49.7 reached in June. In late July, the Commerce Department reported a slowdown in the growth in U.S. household consumption to 1.5 percent in the second quarter from 2.4 percent in the first quarter.

Other reports showed that retail sales had dropped for three straight months through June. Over the three months from April through June, the U.S. economy has generated an average of only 75,000 jobs a month, less than half the number of new jobs needed just to keep pace with population growth.

The American slowdown is bound up with a world-wide deceleration.

Most of Europe is in deep recession and the so-called “emerging” economies of Asia and Latin America are experiencing dramatic declines in economic growth.

Figures released August 1 show a further decline in manufacturing across Europe in July, with euro zone manufacturing falling for the eleventh consecutive month.

The Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) fell in Greece, Spain, Italy, France and Germany and Britain's PMI fell to a more than three-year low.

China’s official PMI fell to an eight-month low and manufacturing activity slowed sharply in South Korea, Taiwan and India.

In the face of this worsening slump, the Federal Reserve merely said it would continue the measures it had announced at its last meeting.

These include an assurance that it will hold its benchmark federal funds lending rate to between 0% and ¼% through 2014, extend to the end of 2012 its program of exchanging short-term Treasuries in its portfolio for longer-term Treasuries, and continue reinvesting its holdings of maturing housing debt into mortgage-backed securities issued by the government-controlled mortgage financers Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

These measures are designed to provide a steady flow of cheap credit to the banks and hold down long-term interest rates, including mortgage rates.

They will do little to increase production or hiring, in part because there is no requirement that the banks use their cash windfalls to increase lending to consumers and businesses rather than continue seeking higher returns through various forms of speculation and financial manipulation.

The Fed did signal an increased readiness to take bolder monetary stimulus measures in the coming weeks or months if the economy continues to slow. Go figure.

It sent a signal to the financial markets to that effect by altering the wording of its statement as compared to the one issued in June.

The previous statement said the Fed “is prepared to take further action,” while their August 1, 2012 statement said the central bank “will provide additional accommodation as needed to promote a stronger economic recovery…”

This curious change in language was widely interpreted as suggesting that the Fed might announce a new round of so-called “quantitative easing” at the next meeting of the FOMC in mid-September 2012.

Quantitative easing is a so-called euphemism for effectively printing hundreds of billions dollars by expanding the Fed’s balance sheet through the purchase of new Treasuries and/or mortgage-backed securities.

A new round of money-printing would not, however, create any jobs for the unemployed or provide relief for the millions who are suffering from the deepest slump since the Great Depression.

The main aim and effect, of such measures is simply to drive up stock prices. This increases the wealth of the financial oligarchy. And guess what? Jupiter is nearly exactly where it was back in 1929.

So, the policies of the Federal Reserve and the Obama administration has enabled corporations and banks to register record profits in the midst of widespread mass unemployment and worsening poverty while they assemble a cash hoard of more than $2 trillion.

The Federal Reserve, by their actions and words are seeking to provide sufficient monetary stimulus to avert a major, and I mean major deflationary spiral - while they keep unemployment rates artificially elevated; disguising the true scope of the great financial, economic and social problem they keep making worse by the day, week, and month.

It, like the Obama administration, is opposed to any kind of positive government programs such as the mass hiring of workers in major public works projects that I would have long ago started if I were President of the United States.

Rather, the powers that be continue to encourage evil bankers, as the corporate globalist elite use corruption, greed, graft and all manner of intrigues using mass unemployment as a weapon - a battering ram - to destroy the wages, conditions and lives of the poor, the working and the middle classes.

They think that the Immortal God can see and hear nothing, but oh boy, just wait and see what happens to the global elite. You couldn't give me all the money in the world to be a part of that crew. I know where they are heading, straight into perdition, and all the gold, silver and riches in the world isn't worth a millisecond of the experiences of what awaits those bad ones.

You see, Mother Nature, that is world transits, isn't on the side of the globalist elite.

Mother Nature has a game plan all her very own and she doesn't care one bit about money.

People often say, God Bless America." Well, under these world transits and the transits to come, it is now time for "America to Bless the Immortal God."

And, as my old boxing coach used to say, "It ain't over son, until the fat lady sings."

Stay safe out there everyone. And mind your own nativities and skies. Peace.

- Theodore White, mundane Astrolog.Sci







4:16 AM


Mer 1˚ Virgo / Neptune 1˚ Pisces


2:44 AM


Ven 26˚ Cancer / Sat 26˚ Libra

5:59 AM


Mar 7˚ Scorpio / Plu 7˚ Capricorn

9:43 AM


Sun 11˚ Virgo / Sat 26˚ Libra


12:41 AM


Mar 7˚ Scorpio / Uranus 7˚ Aries

11:45 AM


Mer 7˚ Virgo / Pluto 7˚ Capricorn

5:51 PM


Mer 7˚ Virgo / Uranus 7˚ Aries


3:06 AM


Mer 8˚ Virgo / Mars 8˚ Scorpio


9:48 AM


12:46 PM


Ven 0˚ Leo / Jupiter 15˚ Gemini

11:45 PM


Mer 11˚ Virgo / Sat 26˚ Libra


5:15 AM


Sun 15˚ Virgo / Jupiter 15˚ Gemini

3:53 PM


Ven 1˚ Leo / Neptune 1˚ Pisces


7:14 PM


Mer 15˚ Virgo / Jupiter 15˚ Gemini


7:44 AM


18˚ Virgo


4:10 PM


Mer 20˚ Virgo / Venus 5˚ Leo


6:44 PM


Venus 6˚ Leo / Pluto 6˚ Capricorn

11:45 PM


Venus 7˚ Leo / Uranus 7˚ Aries


11:50 AM


Mer 27˚ Virgo / Saturn 27˚ Libra

9:10 PM


23˚ Virgo


12:24 PM


Mars 15˚ Scorpio / Jup 15˚ Gemini

6:22 PM


9:25 PM


Mer 1˚ Libra / Neptune 1˚ Pisces

5:06 PM


Mer 1˚ Libra / Mars 16˚ Scorpio


1:09 AM



12:57 PM


Uranus 6˚ Aries / Pluto 6˚ Capricorn


3:51 PM


Sun 28˚ Virgo / Saturn 28˚ Libra

5:23 PM


Mer 6˚ Libra / Uranus 6˚ Aries

6:19 PM


Mer 6˚ Libra / Pluto 6˚ Capricorn

10:45 PM


Venus 16˚ Leo / Jupiter 6˚ Gemini


9:49 AM



9:31 AM


Sun 0˚ Libra / Neptune 0˚ Pisces


1:43 AM


Mars 21˚ Scorpio / Uranus 6˚ Aries

10:29 AM


Mars 21˚ Scorpio / Pluto 6˚ Capricorn


2:54 AM


Venus 21˚ Leo / Pluto 6˚ Capricorn

3:38 AM


Mer 15˚ Libra / Neptune 0˚ Pisces

9:09 AM


Mer 15˚ Libra / Jup 15˚ Gemini


3:49 AM


Ven 23˚ Leo / Mars 23˚ Scorpio


2:15 AM


Sun 6˚ Libra / Uranus 6˚ Aries


By: Stephanie Austin

The tsunamis of change continue. Every planet interfaces with this Full Moon, amplifying the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square and challenging us to reconcile all aspects of our consciousness and lives. Whatever we have been most reluctant to face is exactly what is showing up for assimilation now, so that we can move to the next level.

One of the primary keys to our evolution lies in the integration of the left and right hemispheres of our brain. The left brain processes information much like a computer, in a linear, logical, literal manner. It is objective, externally focused, and sees the world in dualistic, mechanistic, and reductionistic terms. The right brain perceives in a holistic, nonlinear, symbolic mode. It recognizes patterns and metaphors, which are revealed in feelings, images, dreams, music, and imagination. Not bound by time and space, the right brain is able to envision all possibilities and operates in realities validated by quantum mechanics rather than classical physics. Various forms of meditation – Vipassana, Qigong, Tai Chi, yoga, and many others – as well as music and artistic expression help to strengthen the corpus collosum, the natural fibers that facilitate inter-hemispheric communication.

For centuries, the analytical, segregative abilities of the left brain have been considered superior to the right-brain functions of intuition and relationship. Leonard Shlain, in his book The alphabet Versus the Goddess, postulates that the invention of linear, alphabetic forms of writing directly contributed to left-brain dominance, upsetting the balance between masculine and feminine and paving the way for patriarchy and misogyny. Perceptions and values associated with the feminine – intuition, feelings, nature – were disparaged, disempowering women and desacralizing the Earth. Watch his illuminating lecture at

Virgo notices the trees: Pisces sees the forest. Those born in the West have been more deeply programmed to abide solely in the methodical “real world” of Virgo and to shun the “woo-woo” realm of Pisces. Before we can move into the Age of Aquarius, we must incorporate the paradoxical truths of Pisces: that we are both particle and wave, transitory and eternal, finite and infinite. Chiron and Neptune’s conjunction with the Moon in Pisces helps us to see that everything changes, nothing is separate, and “It’s all God in drag,” as Ram Dass succinctly put it.

Venus in Cancer’s exact semi-square to the Sun and sesquiquadrates to the Moon, along with its square to Saturn at 26˚ Libra, nudge us to express our feelings and our needs. On August 29, the Sun makes its second of two trines to Pluto this year (the first was on April 29), facilitating the release of whatever is holding us back. Also on August 29, the transiting North Node enters Scorpio, where it remains until February 18, 2014, adding to the cosmic imperative to transmute the unconscious patterns that hold us in separation. The Sun squares the June 4 eclipse point on September 5, re-stimulating the evolutionary objectives of that extremely powerful Full Moon, which transmitted new energetic templates and codes for rebalancing the masculine and feminine.

…This is the Great Awakening, the shift of the ages, the dawn of a new era. This is why we came to Earth, why we went through spiritual boot camp – to be of service during this extraordinary transition. Align everything in your life with your mission, and remember “This blessed world, this third planet from the star we call the Sun, needs you and me to become all that she can be. We have an opportunity to bring to her a great gift, a gift for which she has been longing since our race first appeared among her dreams. The gift of ourselves. Awakened. Whole. Incarnate.” (from the book, The Return of the Bird Tribes by Ken Carey)

From The Mountain Astrologer, Aug/Sept 2012 issue

By: Stephanie Austin

Get ready for yet another big wave of change, as several significant astrological events occur within a few days of each other. On September 17 [EST September 18], Pluto ends its yearly retrograde phase, telling us it’s time to take a giant step forward. Whenever a planet changes direction, its archetypal energies are intensified, as it hovers within 1˚ for several months. In Capricorn, Pluto exposes the consequences of abdicating our power and responsibility; its station direct starkly reveals what we must do now. Who or what do we think will save us? Where do we still act as victims or slaves? How is life mirroring our beliefs and judgments?

On September 19, Uranus and Pluto form their second of seven exact squares. A square marks a turning point and relates back to the previous conjunction. Uranus and Pluto met three times in 1965-66 (16˚-17˚ Virgo) and were within 10˚ of each other most of that decade, famed for antiwar and civil rights demonstrations, feminism and “flower power,” the beginning of the Internet, and the first landing on the Moon, as well as the thalidomide tragedy and China’s Cultural Revolution. In 1986-87, when Uranus and Pluto were semi-square, we saw “Hands Across America” involving nearly 7,000,000 people. Gorbachev’s reforms in the USSR, and the ousting of Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos, as well as the Chernobyl disaster, Irangate, and the Black Monday stock market crash. Now, at the waxing square, what was seeded at the conjunction needs to become firmly rooted. It’s time to manifest the Aquarian ideals of equality, peace, and prosperity for all.

Evolution means going into the unknown, into chaos. The ancient Egyptian and biblical meaning of chaos was “the void at the beginning of creation.” Chaos theory, developed in the 1960s by Edward Lorenz, tell us that a small, seemingly insignificant change in the beginning can drastically shift the long-term behavior of a system. One thought, one word, one person can make a huge difference. Watch a short, fascinating video on chaos theory at (I changed the website from the original inasmuch as it was no longer available)

Mercury, the traditional ruler of Virgo, conjoins this New Moon and, on September 20, forms an exact t-square with Uranus and Pluto (at 7˚ of Libra, Aries, and Capricorn, respectively), emphasizing that we have to think way out of the box. Uranus, the higher octave of Mercury, represents the higher mind, which combines logic and intuition; the opposition of these two planets triggers radical insights and revelations, while their squares to Pluto caution us to be tolerant and mindful of our motivations. Don’t be against anything – that just perpetuates the problem. Be pro-kindness. Choose love. Occupy your heart as well your mind. Vesta and Ceres’ squares to the sun and Moon, along with Pallas’s conjunction with Uranus and Juno’s conjunction with the North Node, call forth the power of the feminine to heal and unite. …

Change is exhilarating and scary. Fritz Perls once said, “Fear is excitement without the breath.” When you notice yourself feeling afraid, slow and deepen your breathing. Carol Steinel ( offers a great way to deal with fear: “Allow yourself to imagine what you fear. Ask yourself how far in the future it is (hours, days, years away?) Explore it. Then imagine drawing your consciousness back into your third eye. Feel the energy in your body. Claim and dedicate that energy. Then imagine sending your consciousness out to that time/space again, and now place a picture of what you do want to experience.” Fear, like power, is just energy. Fear-mongering is a very efficient way to control people. Keep in mind that those who seek to control others are also coming from a place of fear.

The time has come for each of us to be in our full power and integrity. Be weird; the word “weird” originally meant “having the power to control destiny.” Trust your inner guidance, and remember: ‘The future is completely open, and we are writing it moment to moment.” (Pema Chodron) 

From The Mountain Astrologer, Aug/Sept 2012 issue 


By: Stephanie Austin

This may be the hottest full Moon of the year, as it aligns within a degree of the continuing Uranus-Pluto square, bring those evolutionary forces into high relief. We must go forward; there is no turning back and no staying the same. This is the death rattle of the old paradigm and the birth pangs of a new reality. We are all going through this together, each in our own way, at our own level of awareness. The more understanding and supportive we can be toward each other, the easier and faster the transition will occur.

Once again, the feminine is called to the front lines. Ceres at 1˚ Cancer fills in the empty leg of a very close t-square formed by the Sun at 7˚ Libra, the Moon and Uranus at 7˚ Aries, and Pluto at 7˚ Capricorn, generating a grand cross – a dynamic configuration charged with breaking new ground. Cardinal signs mark the beginning of a new season and, with each of the four directions activated, point toward the genesis of a new template for humanity. Named for the great Mother Goddess, Ceres beckons us to evolve from a hierarchical model to a balanced, co-creative relationship between the masculine and feminine and between humankind and the Earth. Because of Ceres’ approaching retrograde station (October 31 at 4˚), it closely aspects the Uranus-Pluto square through mid May 2013, redefining the rules of power and the roles of women. On September 25, Ceres entered Cancer, the sign most associated with the creation and protection of life, and will remain there until June 22, 2013, supporting right relationship with each other and with the Earth. The generations born with Uranus in Cancer (1949-56) and Uranus in Capricorn (1988-96) are especially galvanized to blaze new trails in relationships, economics, and the environment.

Several other factors point to an upsurge of feminine power. Venus, the traditional ruler of both Libra and Taurus, is within 1˚ of an exact square to the lunar nodes in Scorpio-Taurus, awakening the Goddess of Love and Beauty in each of us and urging us to transcend traditional roles for men and women. Venus represents what we value and our self-worth as well. Mars, the traditional ruler of Aries and the mythic God of War, conjoins the North Node and squares Venus, urging us to protect what matters most to us. Saturn enters Scorpio on October 5, ending its once-every-29-years passage in Libra, which began on October 29, 2009. Saturn forms a mutual reception with Pluto in Capricorn for the next three years, which amplifies the cosmic directive for the responsible use of power and resources. Saturn in Scorpio enjoins us to heal old trauma and deal with our shadow. Before we can rebalance the masculine and feminine on Earth, we must balance them within ourselves. Read an informative description of our masculine and feminine sides at watch Tony Porter’s Call to Men ( and Eve Ensler on Embracing Your Inner Girl (

…Be bold. Be love. And “Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” (John Wooden)

From The Mountain Astrologer, Aug/Sept 2012 issue