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Starward 01 January 2012


I hope your Christmas is filled with love and laughter and that 2012 brings you joy, prosperity, and love.

I thought I would fill these pages with Theodore White’s 2012-2015 predictions. Tedd is one of my favorite mundane astrologers … Bill Herbst is the other one.

I found Tedd in 2006. At that time he was predicting the financial crisis that happened in 2008. He was so accurate that I’ve been following him ever since.

His website is:

Happy Holidays!

Sandye Sievers

The Cardinal Crisis

The Uranus-Pluto World Squares & Saturn in Scorpio 2012-2015: A Mundane Analysis

By Theodore White, mundane Astrologer

So, what is going on?

Well, a cadre of wealthy global bankers are playing a game of 'let's rule the world' without a clue as to what it is that they are doing.

Even with any kind of plan, the very fact that those who have money, wealth and power think that they actually 'run' anything in the world is not only amusing, but misled and very sick indeed.

They rule over nothing - except their own fates into perdition.


In the midst of a brand new decade, a curious three-year period will soon be among us starting in the astrological year 2012.

Mundane astrology provides us with an excellent methodology to forecast, gain insight and understand the many dynamics at play in the world during times of important global transits and their inclinations on populations.

As the world emerges out of the previous Saturn-Uranus opposition with the ingress of Saturn in tropical Libra and Pluto in Capricorn, our entry into this new decade of the Twenty-Tens was solidified in 2010-11 with Jupiter and Uranus entering tropical Aries.

In response we have witnessed world events corresponding to the motions and configurations of the giant outer transpersonal planets. We have entered a new age.

Our current era of 2011-12 is ruled by a Jupiter-Saturn opposition, the first since 1990-91, which continues to deepen a global economic crisis that began with the creation of bubble markets by the baby boomer establishment.

The bubble popped with the emergence of the Saturn-Uranus opposition of 2008-09 and was exacerbated by the arrival of the cardinal T-Square between Saturn, Uranus and Pluto in 2010.

The cultural, social and geopolitical implications of the inclinations of the planets by way of generational change has been most evident in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East where revolts, rebellions and revolutionary sentiments have been steadily picking up pace.

These are signs for mundane astrologers who look at the long-range implications by way of the world transits and the outer planets that signify history in the making.

I contend that we are in one such historical age.

The world transits concur. We are in what I call a 'synodic mundane age,' where the transits of Jupiter & Uranus at this time in late 2011, reflecting the years of 1927-28.

In addition, the synodic cycles of Mercury & Mars for 2011 show we are also in the period 1932-33.

What makes the Twenty-Tens challenging are what I term The Cardinal Crisis Years. This is because of the position of some of the outer planets in the cardinal Signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn in this new decade.

Saturn's transit from 2010 to October 2012 is exalted in tropical Libra, the Sign ruled by Venus with the function of the Mundane Seventh House governing matters from social acceptance, law, diplomacy, justice and the rules of society in determining that which is balanced, just and fair for all.

However, Saturn's position is opposed by Jupiter, swiftly moving through the constellation Aries into tropical Taurus, where Jupiter retrogrades from August 31, 2011 to Christmas Day 2011.

The Jupiter-Saturn opposition arrives at a bad time for a world attempting to recover from economic decline with inclinations that try to resist change when it is most needed, for the sake of continuing methods which are outdated and outworn.

The business environment of public and private institutions: fleeced from within, neglected and smothered by a outgoing baby boomer establishment in control of approximately 80 percent of the world's personal financial assets and 50 percent of its spending power, shows us that the ill effects of the Panic of 2007-08 are far from over.

Rebellions, Revolts & Revolutionary Sentiments

In the wake of the economic decline, the social stratum throughout much of the world is undergoing great changes on a daily basis. This is easy to observe when the outer planets are in major transit by Sign and configurations to one another relative to the Earth.

We are clearly within a major generational transition worldwide: the dying oligarchy born in the 1920s and their children of baby boomers had, since the year 1969, defined culture by way of their intergenerational ideological battles and wars for 42 years.

This was defined by the transit of Uranus through the Signs of Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces from 1969 to 2011.

With Uranus' entry into tropical Aries in 2011, that previous 42-year phase since 1969 ended. It also closed an entire 84-year cycle since 1927 - effectively bringing the 20th century to its conclusion by 2011.

That last 42-year cycle under Uranus closed many chapters on the baby boomer generation and that of their oligarchy parents, who had been the establishment from 1974-93.

That period of time had been defined by ideological cold war, stagflation, and the intense cultural/social battles which stressed both eastern and western society. The climax resulted in the end of the Soviet Union and the birth of the European Union.

The era of 1993-2011 was a unique period of time where in this writer's view many opportunities were lost in favor of ideology posing as principle, generational self-indulgence, short-sightedness, greed and widespread corruption.

This 19-year period was dominated by technological revolutions during what was called The Information Age - a time of destructuralization out of the post-modern Industrial Age and into what could have been a precursor into a potential utopia with the decline and fall of the Soviet Union and ideological cold war with the West.

But, what happened was something few predicted: rather than to take the many opportunities to improving world conditions, the baby boomer establishment from 1993 onwards used the next 18 years to espouse self-interest ideology as the mantle from where to fleece resources for nothing else than self-indulgence and gratification.

Baby Boomer hegemony over the children born in the 1960s/1970s (Generation X) was practiced out of contempt for the young at the expense of the young for no other reason than for the boomers to deny the facts of life - and that is aging.

The intergenerational contract was broken by the baby boomers, so that over the decades of the 1990s and 2000s, rather than advance the world with the ending of the Cold War, the boomer establishment went on a spending binge with the resources of other generations the likes never seen before on the planet.

As the establishment since 1993, the baby boomers have now arrived at a point where the world will move on past them and into the uncharted waters of this new century.

All major generational transitions correlate to the motions of the outer planets. In this case, the motions of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto signify that a new era is upon the world.

These changes do not take place without conflict, especially when conflicting interests, the status quo and inability to accept change when it arrives are ignored, denied or put off as we see the boomer generation doing.

The clashes we see in the world really stem from generational change. The battle is between those under the age of 52 against those over the age of 60.

The new elderly, the baby boomers, are in denial about aging and retirement and are demanding that no change take place.

We know throughout history that as a generation ages that many become rigid, unyielding and conservative in thought and action.

Thus, an aging society does not favor innovation and action into the future, but rather, desires to fight the passage of time rather than embrace it.

And, this is exactly what we are witnessing in the behavior of the boomer generation. Nonetheless, the world transits clearly show change is here.

The passage of time itself will resolve the hegemony and the consequences of the boomer generation.

The most intriguing of these changes will be seen with the Uranus/Pluto Square where in a three year period from 2012 to 2015, these two planets will perform seven (7) exact global cardinal squares.

Uranus Square Pluto

Talk about a powerful global transit by square aspect. The cardinal positions of Uranus in Aries square to Pluto in Capricorn began setting up in 2010 with Saturn involved by transit in the early degrees of Libra.

As Saturn moves on into tropical Scorpio by October 2012, the first of the Uranus-Pluto Squares will have already begun in earnest. There will be seven (7) exact global squares within a three-year period (2012-2015) that certainly will be felt worldwide.

These world squares inspire he-and-cries, revolts, rebellions and revolutionary sentiments among populations, groups and individuals. The disruptions are those of outworn institutions (Pluto in Capricorn) from the sudden desire for change by action (Uranus in Aries.)

Aries, ruled by Mars, calls for action by way of Uranus' temperamental electric and sudden inclinations.

This grinds against Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, which demands practical structure and order by way of corporate/governmental institutions, but with Pluto in Sign, experiences transformation by way of phoenix.

The revolutionary sentiments they form can cause significant disruption in the lives of people. The trouble with Uranus-Pluto cardinal squares are that problems easily solved are made more difficult to resolve simply based on outdated modes of thinking and behavior.

The very lack of application of good manners, class, ethics, morals, maturity, prudence and common sense causes needless troubles.

During the years of the cardinal squares, particularly 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 it is not always the best time to force major.

Changes which are made will be based on the healthy concept of what truly constitutes the Economy - that is the well-being of people everyone: communities which form villages, towns, cities, states of entire countries.

Under Uranus' transit in square to Pluto in Capricorn we can expect large-scale forces to make impact on the lives of individuals with often dangerous situations. Past friendships and/or group associations can be severed by circumstances beyond one's control.

The years of 2012-2015 are years of a challenging set of circumstances forced by large-scale powers beyond the ability of many people to directly control. The majority of the problems stem from economic and generational forces.

Things will change as one generational establishment is put out to pasture and held responsible for their crimes. What the future will lead to next greatly depends on the common sense, vision and positivity of the next generation entering into power.

Those who do best with the Uranus-Pluto squares will be individuals and groups who are able to gracefully navigate these years well enough to succeed in their goals and objectives.

The Uranus/Pluto world square makes seven exact square aspects between 2012 to 2015, so events often include populations subjected to dangerous circumstances - mainly in large crowds and demonstrations that can be disrupted by violent police and military reactions.

We've seen signs of this already in North Africa, where populations battle against entrenched corrupt generational forces who refuse to step aside, nor allow for the changes that the planets clearly show are in order.

The violence of the Uranus/Pluto cardinal squares indicate more financial losses to come; especially among the oligarchy and aged establishment by way of joint finances, inheritances, corporate business, banking and insurance.

The power struggles of the boomer generation to maintain their status quo marks for a sustained cycle of adjustments amid powerful clashes between the old and emerging new generations.

Saturn factors in the mix as 'time keeper,' and in this function the planet will make its mark by transit in the constellation Scorpio.

Saturn in Scorpio 2012-2015

During the years of the seven-exact Uranus/Pluto world squares, transiting Saturn will begin its transit in tropical Scorpio on October 5, 2012 that will last to September 2015.

For a long time now, we’ve been living in an age where common sense has been a misnomer. There was nothing ‘common’ about having ‘sense’ – especially over the last 18-20 years.

From generational hegemony to political correctness, to cultural sarcasm, ideology, neglect, mistreatment of the young and extreme generational self-indulgence - society has been under attack by a baby boomers generation that claimed it was 'enlightened.'

That is now changing with the help of world transits. So, if you have not been in the habit of applying common sense to the important matters of the world – you’d better quickly get into the habit.

In the ‘signs of our times’ we continue to see and hear people propagandized by those who do not have the public’s best interests in mind – at all – and never did.

Nowhere is this most evident then in the economy - by way of banking, finance and real estate market.

We are in a time where a generational establishment, fueled by its angst over aging and fear of the future, continues to live in a fantasy world of their own creation – expecting everyone else to simply exist as zombies gulping down their ideological fantasy kool-aid while they continue to rip off the economy.

By the time Saturn transits tropical Scorpio – fantasy time will be over.

In October 2012, transiting Saturn will make ingress into Scorpio. This is a significant ingress as Saturn leaves the Sign of its exaltation, Libra, which it will have been for two-and-one-half years.

Saturn’s transit in Scorpio can mean many things on a wide scale, as transpersonal planets so often do.

From economics and finance, to professional and personal affairs, the transit of Saturn in Scorpio form autumn 2012 to summer 2015 will feel longer than normal.

Saturn will enter tropical Scorpio October 5, 2012, just during the run-up to the 2012 presidential general election. After a two-year transit in Libra, this ingress of Saturn into the water sign of Scorpio is one to prepare for overall.

I will explain why:

A planet like Saturn tends to crystallize the tone and tenor of the Sign it will transit, in this case, Scorpio. Prior to Saturn’s entry, the planet Mars, exalted here, will transit Scorpio from late August 2012 to October 6-7, 2012, just as Saturn enters Scorpio.

The time cycle we are in right now in late spring 2011 extends to the end of August 2012.

While we are in the midst of the Cardinal Crisis transits in this decade, these interim transits are important, as they are helpful for those looking to make adjustments in the medium-range so that things can go smoother.

This cycle now, through to late August 2012, features the influence of the Jupiter-Saturn opposition: which is unfavorable for business and professional advancement as much as it is for better employment rates.

In the wake of the housing boom ponzi scheme and the bust of that market, real estate values continue to plummet – dragging the general economy down with it:

·         Unemployment rates remain stubbornly high.

·         U.S. Housing Continues To Free Fall

·         Salaries & Wages Are Not Increasing

·         Struggling states & municipalities raise taxes

·         Crushing new mortgage rules repels first-time buyers

What Saturn’s coming transit in Scorpio shows is that interest rates are going to rise – and will have powerful implications for the world economy, including that of the United States and western nations.

It is my assessment we have only been in the first two (2) phases of the severe economic crash - with the next two phases occurring in 2012-2014 – which raises the stakes because of the inability, neglect and outright stupidity of a generational establishment that ruined what took many decades to build.

Saturn's long transit in tropical Scorpio reflects a time of austerity for nations, this much we now know.

The position of Saturn relative to its waning transit to Pluto over the next nine (9) years is a time of transitioning for the economies of nations; therefore the geopolitical shifts taking place in the early Twenty-Tens will be challenging to say the least.

Saturn's transit in Scorpio, or the mundane Eighth House, brings the boomer establishment to the end of its time as establishment.

For years, I have been warning baby boomers who would listen to not ignore the passage of time, nor believe in the illusions of 'forever youth' which has stagnated this generation wholly into self-indulgence and hegemony at the expense of the future.

Economically, austerity measures forced on nations by debtors involved in the economic crash also highlights the inclinations of the Uranus/Pluto squares between 2012-15. This period of time include powerful cardinal transits involving Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto.

Saturn's curious transit in Scorpio, a 'fixed' water sign will be reminiscent for some who remember the years 1983, 1984 and 1985. Economically, those years were also recession years mired in austerity with wide disparities of wealth.

Saturn enters Scorpio in early October 2012; this signifies a strong economic year with Jupiter in Gemini - reflecting wider effects on populations from the severe economic decline that began with the banking crisis of 2007.

The atmosphere of the world with Saturn in Scorpio from October 2012 to September 2015 shows a nebulous era of fixed economic circumstances for some; while others want to protect that which they already have.

A strongly economic period, the lingering effects of the economic crash continues in society with dire consequences than during Saturn's transit in tropical Libra from 2010-2012.

The mundane co-rulers of Scorpio are Mars and Pluto, with the public mortality, suicides, or death rates highlighted as are national economic matters and financial relations with other nations.

The decades of the 1990s and 2000s will also be put under the microscope by privy councils who will attempt to determine what to do with the corrupted officials and players who caused the economic decline.

Saturn's position in the mundane Eighth House of Scorpio is believed to be a malefic position with high mortality rates among the elderly; especially those of the oligarchy who formerly held high positions.

The seasonal nights will tend to be long, wet and warm under Saturn's influences in Scorpio with cold wet blasts during the winter seasons.

The social atmosphere broods dark and feelings are under the radar as populations struggle with the effects of the past economic crash and continuing recession with interest rate hikes further adding to pricing concerns that forces consumer demand to stagnate.

Those of Generation Y who will experience their fist Saturn Return between 2012 to 2015 will be close to their 30th birthdays.

This era of Saturn in Scorpio for the world is also for them a kind of personal awakening that will not become fully apparent until Saturn has left Scorpio and entered Sagittarius in 2015.

Saturn in Scorpio will call into question who can be trusted and who cannot as betrayal is a feature of Saturn's transit in this tropical sign. Both personal and professional relationships are highlighted amid the dark brooding, emotional and mysterious circumstances of Scorpio.

The social and geopolitical impact of the economic crisis that began in the decade of the 2000s will clearly be negative in these years from the early to mid-Twenty Tens.

There is a need to associate with people one already knows, as the emotional nature of Scorpio is refined by Saturn's detachment - but with a sharp emotional and penetrating edge.

The placement of Saturn in Scorpio shows that the nights are strongly highlighted as Mars co-rules Scorpio. Saturn's nature prefers the cold, so nights are powerfully stressed.

My past observations of Saturn in this sign proves that this is true as the years of Saturn's prior transit in Scorpio during the mid-1980s were indeed a brooding, mysterious, nocturnal age of sorts.

Psychologically, expect the social atmosphere to be one of a cold, detached but emotional era where groups will tend to stay amongst themselves rather than to freely congregate with others they do not know.

There can be a spread of sexual diseases crystallized by Saturn, so it is important to use protection when having sexual contact.

The decline in the lifestyles of people as a result of the prior economic recession can lead to breakdowns of law-and-order in neighborhoods, so it is wise to be careful where you live and through what neighborhoods you travel as Saturn's transit of Scorpio can lead to increases in criminal activity.

The lawlessness inclined by Saturn in Scorpio is reflective of the breakdown of the baby boomer generation's hold on the establishment and their horrid neglect of managing society during their time as establishment in the 1990s and 2000s.

One of the keys to surviving the time of Saturn’s transit in Scorpio is to remember that what once worked for Baby Boomers will not work for you – so avoid the trap.

The Baby Boomers played a critical role as establishment which has led to the austerity years of Twenty-Tens. Boomers consumed much more than they ever produced. They borrowed more than they could repay.

Their expectations help to bring first deflation, then inflation into the mix.

They created negative equity that infected tens of millions of Americans (and many more worldwide) with rampant personal debt while causing government deficits to balloon outright – causing outright sovereign debt.

The boomer generation forecasted bubble-growth forever along with dreams of every-rising riches for themselves but they forgot that they gave up independence for more wealth and toys.

They turned their homes into ATM machines – assets that are now liabilities with no shrinking equity – drowning in three years of missed mortgage payments and declining property values.

The arrogance of self-worth and self-indulgence and that of their toys made them believe their own fantasies – at the expense of everyone else.

The boomer generation forecasted bubble-growth forever along with dreams of every-rising riches for themselves but they forgot that they gave up independence for more wealth and toys.

They turned their homes into ATM machines – assets that are now liabilities with no shrinking equity – drowning in three years of missed mortgage payments and declining property values.

The arrogance of self-worth and self-indulgence and that of their toys made them believe their own fantasies – at the expense of everyone else.

Whole communities worldwide sit empty, while construction projects were abandoned in the wake of the Panic of 2007-08. Meanwhile, boomers who are desperate to sell their properties cannot find buyers and are now on fumes by 2012.

Many baby boomers are discovering that without buyers and shrinking equity in their houses that they have no wealth and continue to sink deeper into debt as the values of McMansions fall like a rock.

Since the start of 2005 and by the end of the year 2010, three million seven-hundred thousand American families have been kicked out onto the street.

At an average of 2.3 people per household this is 8.5 million Americans who have been directly, physically, affected by the bursting of the U.S. Housing Bubble to date.

Estimate are that by the time the dust from the mess settles the wide spectrum of personal tragedies which resulted from corrupt policies of the baby boomer presidents Clinton and G.W. Bush and their 16-year era, i.e., to promote (i.e. subsidize) home ownership - at least six million more American families will have had their lives altered. That number rises to 14+ million personal tragedies.

This is what a generation brought on themselves and everyone else with greed, selfishness and ignorance. U.S. housing prices fell another 3% in February 2011.

That was the seventh straight month of decline – effectively a double dip. The first significant dip was in late 2008, but because of the government stimulus – the decline was temporarily slowed.

By 2011, U.S. housing prices were back on the free fall with prices down nationwide about 32% - this, from the peak of the real estate market in May of 2006.

Some cities, like Miami are down 42 percent and the city of Phoenix, Arizona is down a remarkable 56%.

Almost half the houses for sale are distressed. In the U.S., it is estimated that nearly 12 million homes are worth less than the mortgages with another 2.6 million families who report having less than 5% equity. Real estate is now a horrible place to put money and buyers know it.

This is obviously a chronic decline of the real estate market – effectively a generational grand decline. We have a constant stream of deterioration that cannot be allowed to last.

There are an estimated one million+ bank-owned homes in the inventory - a huge unsold overhang of shadow supply prevents any recovery of housing prices.

Home equity is draining and the balance sheets of banks will continue to erode. There are over 11-12 million American homes that are in negative equity – this represents about 23.1% of all households.

Moreover, in a climate where the average baby boomer worker is pushing 66+ years old, the U.S. Economy cannot and will not benefit from export surge. This is because the dying oligarchy and their boomer spawn sold the US industrial/manufacturing base to the Pacific Rim & China.

What happened is that two kinds of people were ruined by the housing bubble created by Wall Street bankers and hedge fund moguls: people who bought properties at any point in the last two years of the bubble and second, the people who believed real estate hit bottom in 2007-09. There are many sellers now in 2011 – but no buyers.

The longer the boomer generation lie to themselves that their real estate ponzi schemes can go on; as long as they think interest rates will never rise; that their incomes will continue to expand beyond all common sense; that their right to overpriced houses is an entitlement – the worse things will get.

The Boomer generation lives in a dream world where they get to eat their cake and have it too and where there are no consequences in the near future.

That future, transits show, is nearly here.

Baby Boomers borrowed tons of money, repeatedly, against their homes to then invest in more properties overpriced from the start. Now that the party is over – they do not know how to ready themselves for a retirement that has already begun.

One-third of all Baby Boomers cannot pay their mortgages and monthly bills. Nearly 42% have zero savings – yet the great majority of baby boomers own properties.

This means that their one hope for financial freedom in retirement is their houses – and constitutes their only financial strategy. That is why their houses remain overpriced.

Some boomers continue to be certain that what they had in the 2000s – cheap mortgages, flipping houses with ever rising boomer-bubble prices – will last eternally.

The bank-real estate crisis experience of 2006-2011 with the transits to come this decade means at least 7.5 years of deep losses – all because the boomer generation got a ponzi-scheme hard on for housing to the point of the ridiculous.

At this rate, by the time we see a rise in properties from the 2004 period it will be the year 2021. The fact is that the Boomer generation cannot continue to believe that their fantasies did not screw it all up.

They killed jobs, left the economy in shambles with tens of millions of people in debt while ruining whole communities, cities, counties and states via corrupt and greedy real estate practices. This only goes to prove my point that the boomer establishment was an outright failure.

It is long past the time to move on.

By the time Saturn enters Scorpio a month from the 2012 General Election, it will become clearer to most people that interest rates are about to go up. By the year 2013, rates will have already begun to rise.

This will be the crushing blow to the real estate market which should have happened several years before until the government stepped in to halt the slide in 2009.

That slide was slowed, but not halted, so that the years 2010 and 2011 were only a respite from what is sure to come – another housing crash and the end of the Baby Boomer establishment.

All of this could have never happened if not for the immensely selfishness of a generation that believe it could do no wrong and would live forever.

The fleecing of resources both public and private along with the destruction of institutions by a mix of theft, rape and neglect – as effectively ended the party for boomers and the late 20th century economy.

How to Prepare For Saturn in Scorpio

Saturn will enter tropical Scorpio on October 5, 2012 just as transiting Mars will be leaving Scorpio, so expect this ingress of Saturn to be strong, in the nature of the octave of Mars.

The transit of Saturn in tropical Scorpio will last for nearly three years from October 2012 to September 2015. The economic and financial stresses in the wake of the years 2007-2012 will have spread worldwide and affected many lives, careers and communities.

Because Saturn is in a waning transit to Pluto, the economic realities of the era 2012-2015 will be one of strong financial concerns in light of the widespread corruption of the baby boomer establishment over the previous 20 years.

However, by October 2012, what will be most evident will be the anger of populations - especially the middle class - over the losses of jobs, opportunities and resources - that will be unleashed during the Uranus-Pluto square years of 2012-15.

Psychologically, as Saturn prepares to leave tropical Libra and enter Scorpio by October 2012, expect the social atmosphere and mood to become even more distant and objective.

This is the result of tens of millions of people forced into the position of having to make up for lost time and opportunities because of the baby boomer hegemony.

Saturn's transit in Scorpio will meet in water trine to transiting Neptune in Pisces in 2013, which helps those with astrological placements that are favorable: Those with these favorable placements may be able to discover practical uses for their creative projects with the ability to focus and concentrate that the Saturn-Neptune trine offers.

The water trine is especially favorable for discipline to attain spiritual advancement along with the ability to gain ever deeper insights into the cultural, economic and geopolitical in operation, both of the past and present time.

Preparing for Saturn's transit in Scorpio before October 2012 involves understanding that the early to middle years of the Twenty-Tens are to be used to discipline oneself in these areas:

·         Economics and finances

·         Personal and professional relationships

·         Generational transition and change

·         Social gatherings

·         Spiritual growth

The transit of Saturn into Scorpio can sometimes lead to the breakdown of parts of society due to the previous corruption, ideology and lack of common sense practiced by the former baby boomer establishment.

Be wise about whom you associate with and watch those who do not mind their manners. Do not be afraid, remember, love is strong and can certainly place a serious bruise on the asses of those who get out of hand.

There is simply too much at stake to allow our children to continue to suffer under the current economic climate, nor to allow those to use that depressed climate in order to exploit, hurt and oppress others.

Prior to Saturn's ingress in Scorpio, the transiting Lunar Nodes will shift from mutable to fixed on August 30, 2012 and then enter the Scorpio-Taurus axis, where the Moon's nodes will remain until mid-February 2014.

That means the era from August 2012 to February 2014 will also reinforce Saturn's role in Scorpio. This "fixed" era is one of serious financial concerns and has ramifications for those who participated in the fleecing of companies and nations via the stock markets and banks.

Monies between partners and spouses are highlighted, as are general financial obligations which include all economic affairs of debts, loans, losses.

Saturn's transit in the mundane Eighth House will see lenders attempt to co-opt the borrower, so it is important not to accept loans which lead to even more debt.

One can expect serious investigations to ensue around the true causes of the world economic depression connected to the generational fleecing of society by the baby boomer generation.

Now, there is no getting around this as Saturn's transit, along with that of the North Lunar Node in Scorpio, calls for in-depth examination of the forces that caused the economic contraction.

Corporate secrecy and attempts to obfuscate and hide past and present illegal activities will backfire according to Saturn's crystallization of Scorpio.

The economic crisis will have also led to the deterioration of communities in previous years, so be careful what neighborhoods you travel - especially at night.

Saturn will rule over the nights as it transits Scorpio, so it is necessary to use caution during 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.

The breakdowns in law and order in various regions of the world, as well as communities and neighborhoods comes as a direct result of the failure of the boomer establishment to manage the economy.

So cutbacks in law enforcement results, leading to societal fractures that will require renewal by Generation X, the new incoming establishment.

However, during Saturn's transit in Scorpio, this will take time to bring about due to the prior neglect. Remember the one thing all criminals respect is strength - so when confronted by those who break the law - fight back - think 'Batman' in this respect and you will not have any problem.

Saturn in Scorpio will shed light on all matters associated with anxieties, fears, losses, decay and the nature and fear of death.

Understand that Saturn in Scorpio is a powerful transit through the mundane Eighth House and reinforces the need to accept aging in life and to leave behind matters that are no longer valid or useful.

Saturn's inclination encourages 'want' and 'loss' and that of 'economy' and in Scorpio strongly influences the elderly.

The years of late 2012, into 2013, 2014 and 2015 of Saturn's transit in Scorpio along with the cardinal crisis transits show a need to adjust and envision a better world without the weight and outworn methods of the past.

The former establishment of the baby boomers will have led to the neglect and fleecing of society to the point of outright rebellion and potential revolution.

However, what is most likely to occur is that the elderly, that is, those of the baby boomer generation who are at fault for the serious problems facing these times, will not get off Scott-free and will be forced to clean up the mess they made - and for free.

There will be no payment for theft and creating massive damage to society and its institutions. Moreover, those who claim that they played no part in the corruption and fleecing had better be able to prove it under the world transits to come - especially those of Uranus and Pluto. Saturn's transit in Scorpio shows that be facing one's fears and taking responsibility for one's errors and faults then one may be able to come to terms with the transits of the near future.

The Eighth Mundane house with Saturn in play does not lead immediately to growth since the worries are the barriers which stand in the way.

The cardinal crisis transits are those that will force the matter, so to speak for baby boomers who refuse to accept the truth of the times. Those of that generation who fail to 'get it' will not be happy with what Saturn is about to bring.

Those who do get it will be better off as wisdom visits with them and stays awhile, rather than eluding those who choose to live in ignorance and continued generational self-indulgence.

Saturn's transit in Scorpio can also encourage false fears. This will emanate from an aged boomer establishment in angst over getting older. It is important not to fall into that trap of thinking because it leads to even more failure against progress into the future.

Those who desire to focus on positive matters that help others will find Saturn's transit in Scorpio useful to overcome barriers that formerly were put in place by a generational establishment wholly self-indulgent and neglectful of their responsibilities to society.

Though the general atmosphere and mood of Saturn's transit in Scorpio between October 2012 to September 2015 can be dark and brooding, the inclinations of Scorpio also provide spiritual benefit for those who seek to make progress by helping others as they help themselves.

It is important not to waste time. Saturn's transit in Libra in 2011 and most of 2012 until its entry into tropical Scorpio by October 2012 shows a need to get down to brass tacks and get to work.

Yet, the frustrations over the delayed progress of society by the boomer generation's hegemony remains.

The way to navigate this is to simply continue planning for the decade of the Twenty-Tens as a whole.

Time does not stop for anyone - including the baby boomer generation - so it is essential not to fall into the bad habit of allowing the 'status quo,' amid rampant corruption and neglect, to go unchallenged and unchanged - especially in light of the Uranus-Pluto squares and Saturn's coming sojourn in Scorpio.



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