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Starward 07 July 2013

Elements & Qualities of Interest ~ Air

Third in a Series of Seven ~ Shared by Duffy McCoy

Two of the many fascinating layers of astrology are elements & qualities. The elements are Fire (Aries, Leo, & Sagittarius), Earth Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) & Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces). Cardinal (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), Fixed (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) & Mutable (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) are the qualities. Balance is a place we all seek, but what do you do if you have more water signs than any other element or you have no Earth. This is the third in a series of seven articles that will assist you in reaching your balance point.

AIR – Gemini, Libra & Aquarius

The element of air can be intellectual, communicative, abstract, idealistic, cooperative or detach-ed. Air may seem a bit lofty but it is important & easily balanced. Air is the energy of (communication and knowledge. If you need a report or speech ask an Air sign. They can also be very social. If your party isn’t going well you have not invited enough Air people.

So if you find that you have little or no air in your chart you might begin taking a language class for another form of communication, maybe a writing class. Or what about taking an abstract painting class? One of my friends has done this and created some amazing works of art. Then you can hang your art on the wall of your home for balance. Do you watch shows like Millionaire or Jeopardy that are a form of communication expanding your knowledge? And what if you have too much air? Do you find yourself talking or interrupting when you know better? Find a method to count, breathe or just stop and think before you speak. Perhaps a regular method of grounding yourself will bring you back to earth. Gardening can also bring you back down. If you have ceiling fans make sure you hang a crystal from them to negate the chopping energy Do you remember the movie American Beauty? The son of the next door neighbor videotaped a plastic bag being tossed about by the wind. It was an easy way to see air.

Next Month - WATER

What is happening July 23& 29 ?

Mercury is passing 8.3 degrees ESE of Jupiter (6 Cancer 17) at 9:00 pm. Jupiter expands our consciousness to it greatest possible experience and thus is expanding our point of view & how we perceive our reality (Mercury) to include more nurturing nourishing activities. If you have over-committed yourself then this is the time to take steps to support and care for yourself. Maybe it is time to say NO to activities that drain your energy and say YES to yourself in ways that give you a greater sense of healthy self-care.

This line-up is about insights and inspiration to perceive new possibilities. New ideas, new thoughts, new information and new energy are highly likely and if engaged wisely can lead to wise decisions and choices that enhance the evolutionary process. The willingness to speculate or take risks is a key element in fully utilizing these energies for enhancing growth, optimism, & confidence.

JULY29 Grand Trine Features a Star Tetrahedron, opening the gateway to Heaven on Earth. Trine is coming together with the Taurus Last Quarter Moon (6 Taurus 45) at 1:43 pm. The Last Quarter Moon is a threshold point where we can return to this reality with a whole new consciousness. The Star Tetrahedron is a potent sacred geometry symbol that is about opening a celestial portal between Heaven and Earth. This is a super important time to engage ceremonially with the intent to expand our experience to its greatest possibility and thereby experience the magic of who we are.

The symbol of the Star tetrahedron is a very basic sacred geometric shape which is what pattern this aspect will take on this month.

Special points of interest:

July 8 Saturn SD New Moon @ 3:14 am
July 17 Uranus SR 13 Aries
July 20 Mercury SD
July 22 Full Moon @ 2:15 pm Sun enters Leo @ 11:56 am

Schedule: July 23 @ 7 pm

 Mary Cox
 Let’s Talk Luminaries (continued)
 Sun and Moon in the charts
 Basics will be covered
 How they can be effective when used in progressed charts

Since the program was not completed we shall continue. Beginning with a review of few more basics of astrology
Hopefully the program will continue and present information about transits, progression and how these interact with your Natal Chart. Bring your Natal Chart!