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Starward April 2011

Open Letter from the President

This is the new monthly newsletter. I would greatly appreciate any advice from you in order to make this easy to read and something you look forward to receiving each month.


New Features: 

  1. We plan to have a “Dear Kathy” column wherein Kathy Minton will answer any and all astrological questions you may have. So please send them either by email to Kathy at or to the club at or just give to Kathy at our monthly meeting.
  2. Every month we’ll cover the “hot degrees” for the month.
  3. We’ll also have an instructional astrological article to tweak your knowledge.
  4. We now have a web site thanks to Viqui Hilliard. We plan on posting our newsletters to it every month, plus any and all informative articles. Please feel free to use it and make any suggestions – WWW.NFAAJAX.COM
  5. Please make ANY suggestions and/or comments regarding this newsletter so we can make it better. 
And a very special “thank you” to all of you – our members – for helping to make this organization very special and meaningful.
~Sandye Sievers, President




Mars conjunct Uranus



This is a very strenuous aspect. Will have to deal with erratic or fluctuating energy which makes you forceful, aggressive, and intense. You will be far more spontaneous, impulsive, and rash. Accidents, fights or other mishaps may occur because of inappropriate or abrupt behavior. Important to know: this transit serves to eliminate unsuitable ambitions and, instead, teach you to connect with your own passions and desires. May coincide with the death of a friend or acquaintance.


New Moon squares Jan 4th eclipse



Moodiness, inertia, and emotional and domestic problems – difficulties can arise through women and their emotional problems – conflicts with domestic and professional responsibilities – not a good time for business, purchasing real estate, food, or household items. Good judgment should be exercised in eating and drinking.[1]


Neptune enters Pisces


This is going to be quite an event. The discovery of Neptune coincided with worldwide social upheaval, which was mostly peaceful. In 1848 the Communist Manifesto was published, which was a response to the inhuman conditions in expanding cities where new factories were sprouting as a result of steam power and industrialization. This was the period when Charles Dickens wrote his novels of social realism, and social democratic demonstrations shook the capitals of Europe. This was also a time when painters like Renoir, Gauguin, Van Gogh, Cezanne and Monet made their impressionist paintings, expanding the world of fantasy and imagination. On the scientific front Darwin’s theory of evolution completely undermined Christian tradition. The first photographs were taken, ultimately leading to the coming world of the movies. Anesthetics were used for the first time in hospitals.  Opium became a socially acceptable drug. The accepted reality of the day was undermined and new spiritual, emotional, and political realities took form. That is why Neptune is needed in Pisces:  what is needed now is universal concern for the millions of economically displaced people who have to resort to state handouts and charity.[2]


4/9 thru 9/16

Pluto Rx



In the natal chart, Pluto tends to operate even more Plutonian when it is retrograde. It is far more intense, it possesses a higher degree of concentration and it, therefore, gives greater insights into the subconscious. Because of this intensity, the individual can see much more than normally possible and it is easy to become suspicious of the motives of others. The powers of regeneration are far greater when retrograde. People with a natal retrograde Pluto have a tremendous ability to overcome major illnesses that might otherwise cause permanent disability. Remember, retrograde motion is always directed toward inner activity such as the psyche or psychological patterns that affect the physical body. Direct motion, on the other hand, is directed towards external circumstances.[3]



Super Galactic Center (SGC)



Uranus opposes SGC

According to Barbara Hand-Clow, the SGC is the organizing center of many galaxies, including the Milky Way. Uranus opposing it forces us to release attachments to useless and worthless ways of life.


Super Full Moon (Libra-Aries)



Super Full Moon (Libra-Aries)



Aries is naturally independent; the Libra Moon is sometimes very dependent. This is a difficult position which causes problems between the emotional and mental natures. On one hand you will be eager to please – but on the other hand, you will insist on being highly individualized. In the US Sibley chart, this will play out in the 5th (creativity, children, romance, pleasures, speculations) and 11th (friendships, goals, group relationships, step-children, and circumstances you have little control of) houses. In the Jacksonville chart, it will play out in the 6th (duty, work, health, habits, pets) and 12th (subconscious, hidden strengths and weaknesses, secrets, sorrow, suffering, limitations, handicaps, frustration, and behind-the-scenes action) houses. 


Mercury direct



Communication gets easier - Less subject to all kinds of delays and screw-ups – more impulsive, combative, inventive, and imaginative - not a good time for continued mental endeavors – need to exhibit patience

If the New Moon is in your 1st House: Personal changes are effective for the coming month. You should take care of or make changes in your appearance, such as a new hair style, a face lift, removal of a mole, purchasing new clothes, or just revising personal habits. Popularity can be at a peak so you should take advantage of this transit. New projects or new ventures may be started. You may marry or take on a new partner or you may seek a change in your residence or vocation.


If the New Moon is in your 2nd House: Personal income, belongings, gifts, bonus, profits and loss, purchases and financial dealings with banks, loan companies, or wealthy people are emphasized. You may open up a checking account or add to your savings. This is a good month for finding new ways to economize, budget and strive to increase savings.


If the New Moon is in your 3rd House: Emphasis is on family contacts, brothers, sisters, or neighbors – interchange of ideas – receiving of news, letters, or documents and handling of personal correspondence – favorable for written or driving tests – a very busy month of communicating, visits, and the need to make frequent short trips – too many projects may tend to scatter your forces – new studies may be undertaken and important decisions may have to be made.


If the New Moon is in your 4th House: Emphasis is on family members, home life, a parent or some older person – may make major changes in your home environment through repairs, remodeling, or even moving to a new home – may have to handle pending matters related to your home or property – may have changes if you work at home, have an office in the home or use it as a base of operation from which you work.


If the New Moon is in your 5th House: Emphasis is on children, schools, romance, entertainment, gambling, sports, investments, pleasures, holidays and creativity – good time for pleasurable pursuits and hobbies – interests linked with your people, children, or romance may stimulate social activities – school projects, romantic pursuits, and artistic creativity is highlighted.


If the New Moon is in your 6th House: Emphasis is on health, eating and dietary habits, and improving or correcting your physical condition – job and employment matters – services you perform for others – efficiency on the job – relationships with supervisors, co-workers, and relatives, such as aunts and uncles – health and care of pets – services of a repairman.


If the New Moon is in your 7th House: Emphasis is on marital and business partners, teammates, competitors, allies, large scale negotiations, being ready to make concessions, and improving understanding with others.


If the New Moon is in your 8th House: A major emphasis on marital or partnership funds and joint financial dealings with others - jointly held money and property – insurance – alimony - tax matters - resources and savings - Private transactions – surgery - secret and hidden talents - legacies and inheritances - debts and collections - mortgages.       


If the New Moon is in your 9th House: This is the time to formulate long-range programs for your future – communications or transactions with people from a distance – desire for travel – religious and intellectual interests – affairs of your in-laws – may have to take care of legal activities or documents regarding insurance benefits.


If the New Moon is in your 10th House: May have dealings with government officials or agencies, bosses, important people, or a parent – job interests and responsibilities – business, occupation, and career will require attention – attaining your goals and aims – improvement of your credit rating – possible honors and popularity – coming to the public’s attention.


If the New Moon is in your 11th House: Accent on social ties, group activities and friendships – pursuit of hopes and wishes – business income and assets – seeking people who can help you – boosting community projects – joining of clubs and organizations.


If the New Moon is in your 12th House: Accent on confidential and investigative matters – possible police activity – may have contacts with hospitals, institutions, and invalids – solitude, personal limitations, and problems will confront you – stick to regular routine work and try to find the cause for your past mistakes.




If the Full Moon is in your 1st House: The transiting Moon in your 1st house opposes the transiting Sun in your 7th house.  Avoid confrontations with your mate, partner, associate, close attachments, and people who enter your life during this month – learn to compromise with them or a temporary separation could be the result – cooperation from your mate or partner will be lacking – will have to yield to the desires of others.


If the Full Moon is in your 2nd House: The transiting Moon in your 2nd house opposes the transiting Sun in your 8th house. This is not the ideal time for unnecessary spending (especially if this opposition squares a natal or transiting planet) – can bring unexpected bills or bills that you have forgotten about – should the Full Moon trine or sextile a planet (natal or transiting) in your natal chart, this planet, sign, and house position will be very important. This planet will reveal the circumstances, situations, or individuals that will be of help in resolving problems that you are having with personal finances and money – use care regarding monetary matters and personal possessions – conflicts concerning your money and the resources of others – if you’re seeking an insurance settlement, you may have to compromise with the insurance agent and perhaps settle for a lesser amount – may have to decide whether you should increase your car, or home, or life insurance – partnership finances and your money ties with others may need to be reviewed or revised – may have to consolidate your bills – misjudging your finances could spell financial trouble – best not to make major purchases until you’re fully informed as to your finances – may be caught in an embarrassing financial situation – delays are possible in expected financial or material refunds.


If the Full Moon is in your 3rd House:  The transiting Moon in your 3rd house opposes the transiting Sun in your 9th house.  This is not the ideal time for taking either short or long trips; especially if this Full Moon squares a natal or transiting planet (can bring about the possibility of accidents) but if this Full Moon trines or sextiles a natal or transiting planet, this planet, sign, and house position will help to eliminate a tendency towards accidents.  It also can be of help in revealing the circumstances, situations, or individuals that will be of help in resolving problems that you may be having with those in your immediate environment – be extremely careful what you do, say, or write on paper since repercussions could develop at a later time – in-laws or individuals of a different background may not approve of your actions or misinterpret them – important news may not be delivered to you and possible confusion in direction while traveling – don’t permit contacts with relatives, neighbors, or anyone to upset you – will have to make an important decision about a letter or news you hear from afar – all matters pertaining to legal affairs, distant connections and relatives will require careful handling – should the Full Moon also oppose a natal or transiting planet or square a natal or transiting planet, that planet, house, and sign position should disclose what the upsetting communication may be about – look also at the house this planet rules for it will disclose whom or what is connected with the matter at a distance.


If the Full Moon is in your 4th House: The transiting Moon in the 4th house opposes the transiting Sun in the 10th house can bring on emotional scenes in the domestic environment – try to sidestep frequent family outbursts that may occur the weeks ahead or petty annoyances on their part – don’t antagonize others with insistent ideas and talk about your ambitions – home conditions and what you feel are your responsibilities seem to thwart or cause setbacks with certain ambitions that you hope to achieve – seek a balance between duties at home and with those at work – possible readjustment or compromise may be necessary if you are experiencing any challenges or conflicts involving your business affairs, ambitions, and domestic ties – during the following 2 weeks it may be necessary for you to be careful in arranging your activities so as to avoid conditions which can prove upsetting to your security or which can get you and others off on negative, emotional or unproductive tangents.


If the Full Moon is in your 5th House: The transiting Moon in the 5th house opposes the transiting Sun in the 11th house – a child may require your help or assistance – your opinions are not going to jell with those of your friends so it’s better to keep your opinions to yourself – friends and group activities may disrupt your romantic life – possible inroads into your personal freedom of action – a monkey wrench may be thrown into your plans for recreational or entertainment interests – your personal freedom to pursue recreational or creative activities or romantic adventures may be restricted and hampered due to responsibilities and care of or interruptions through children – may be an opposition to one’s plans with romantic partner or dinner engagements requiring a compromise or change of plans – may be possible that a parent may have to make a decision concerning their personal finances or monetary ties with others or corporations – may be forced into making a decision concerning a date so don’t let the change of plans upset you – possible rejection by the opposite sex may cause you to feel inferior – your romantic partner may be a source of trouble through unfair action on their part – an erratic feeling of independence can break up a romance or cause arguments with children – obstacles through your personal goals due to the restrictions or opposition of others – a child may get involved with an undesirable companion which could cause you financial damage or destruction to other people’s property or possessions – if this Full Moon also squares a natal or transiting planet in the 2nd or 8th house, there is the possibility of  a broken engagement or romantic attachment due to the changing feelings of the partner or through an intervention of a rival.


If the Full Moon is in your 6th House: The transiting Moon in the 6th house opposes the transiting Sun in the 12th house – a co-worker may try to spread gossip and rumors about you or attempt to discredit your work efforts – be on the alert for secret enemies at your place of employment and possible underhanded tactics or hidden and confusing elements – best to keep all personal matters to yourself this month and tone down any clandestine affairs with a co-worker or boss – co-workers and/or superiors tend to be demanding – cut down on strenuous activities – tend to your health matters and get a good physical check-up – behind-the-scenes activities, contacts and events can increase fears and worries and cause health upsets – someone with ulterior motives may try to pry into your affairs – don’t say anything you don’t want repeated – duties involving great nervous stress can lead to a serious or prolonged illness – possible loss of prestige through paying insufficient attention to work details.


If the Full Moon is in your 7th House: The transiting Moon in the 7th house opposes the transiting Sun in the 1st house – try to accept others points of views and be more co-operative – marriage or engagement plans may be temporarily delayed – challenging events and problems with opposing individuals and competitors – be prepared for opposing views with your mate or partner concerning personal projects since they may try to dampen your efforts into bringing them to a head – accent is on teamwork, rivals, and compromising differences – your mate’s or partner’s wishes may require cooperation or compromise and you will have to make a special effort to keep on good terms with them – the general influence is an opposition from others concerning your views or ideas; however, any sextile or trine to either natal or transiting planets from the Full Moon should provide the means in which you can reach a mutual agreement.


If the Full Moon is in your 8th House: The transiting Moon in the 8th house opposes the transiting Sun in the 2nd house – may have to draw on your savings to take care of unexpected bills – car, house insurance, or real estate taxes are increased or come due and you’re short of funds – some give and take will probably be necessary and sharing expenditures may be one way of resolving these difficulties – someone may try to sell you a bill of goods that could prove costly – use caution in all financial transactions – don’t sign papers for any major purchases or you’ll find yourself feeling apprehensive later on – protect personal and joint funds and possessions against loss or damage – income tax may be audited – negotiations with others may be necessary, such as an insurance agent for settling of a claim, or with an IRS agent for possible reduction of income tax, or with anyone with whom money is involved that you have not personally earned yet indirectly the money is tied with another party – if the Full Moon squares a natal or transiting planet thus forming a T-Square, your money problems are scattered through more than one area.


If the Full Moon is in your 9th House: The transiting Moon in the 9th house opposes the transiting Sun in the 3rd house – may be confronted with a decision concerning documents or news received from afar – be careful what you say, do or write on paper so as to avoid the possibility of libel or slander actions – what you say may be misinterpreted out of proportion – be more conservative – don’t make promises that you can’t keep – brings restriction for some desired activity or trip that you planned on taking – travel plans involving another person may have to undergo revising and changes or they cancel out and you have to travel alone – may have to seek the advice of experts to solve legal difficulties – should the Full Moon square a natal or transiting planet in the 12th house, there should be a postponement of legal actions due to hidden or confused factors – be careful while traveling or driving – watch what you say because things you say or impulsive promises can get you into trouble.


If the Full Moon is in your 10th House: The transiting Moon in the 10th house opposes the transiting Sun in the 4th house – an undesirable or forced change in your profession can have a devastating effect upon your home life – business and career undertakings tend to conflict with problems at your base of operation or parental obligations – possible reduction of income, responsibilities, or losses through property transactions – don’t be so preoccupied with business matters that you neglect problems developing on the home front or in the family circle – could become careless in competitive fields and trip yourself needlessly – don’t expect cooperation from others – handle all work loads yourself if you expect them to get done – may feel the weight of home and family responsibilities – don’t become depressed if others oppose the way you’re handling domestic matters and home routines.


If the Full Moon is in your 11th House: The transiting Moon in the 11th house opposes the transiting Sun in the 5th house – friends or social acquaintances may try to place a heavy load on you or expect favors of you that are more demanding that you had anticipated – young people may require your help and assistance – something you really want to accomplish or perhaps a task you’ve been wanting to complete may have to be temporarily be set aside or be hindered by loved ones who make inroads on your time and attention with their own personal problems – unsound speculative ventures must be shunned at this time – there could be unsettling conditions affecting the lives of a child through the erratic behavior of a daughter or son-in-law – should the Full Moon form a T-Square to a natal or transiting planet, the money, or lack of it, could be the underlying source of the problem – may bring about the desire to get together with friends or attend a lecture or a club meeting, but you’re hindered by responsibilities to someone.


If the Full Moon is in your 12th House: The transiting Moon in the 12th house opposes the transiting Sun in the 6th house – events will be brought to light, and perhaps to an emotional climax, regarding hidden matters pertaining to your work, health, pets, or the problems of others – someone, who has tried to undermine your personal interests may come out in the open and reveal themselves – may get emotionally upset over news, gossip or secrets concerning the affairs of a co-worker – take things slowly, don’t overdo, and watch your health – avoid chest colds and respiratory problems – don’t take medication or drugs unless they’ve been prescribed for you and then be cautious – take care if you work around chemicals, fumes, gases, oils, or dangerous liquids – enforced changes or loss of a job caused by circumstances outside your control – possible setback in your job as a subordinate – difficulties as a result of the lack of cooperation of subordinates – work may be demanding requiring painstaking attention to detail – may have to take care of someone who is sick, physically or mentally – someone may try to push additional responsibilities on your shoulders, against your better judgment – don’t permit others to take unfair advantage of you so be firm and refuse – avoid assuming burdens belonging to others – possible gossip and rumors may be spread concerning a clandestine relationship between you and a co-worker so avoid any unwise romantic entanglements – avoid taking on personal problems of those you work with – possible resignation of job due to extreme pressure from others – stick to regular routines and give more attention to unfinished tasks.[4]


Intuitive Astrology Classes:

  • April 4
  • April 18

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President:                      Sandye Sievers

Vice President:             Mary Cox

Secretary:                      Open

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Coordinator:                  Cathlinn Taylor-Deese

March 22nd Speaker:


[1] Predictive Astrology by Frances Sakoian & Louis S. Acker



[4] Descriptions compiled from Forecasting with New, Full & Quarter Moons through the Houses by Sophia Mason