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Starward 02 Feb 2013

Busting the Big Black Hole Barrier

By:  Philip Sedgwick

... Astrophysicists reported the confirmation of the largest black hole ever... for now: NGC 1277.


First the data. NGC 1277 existed in the New General Catalogue of galaxies compiled in 1888 that put together 7,840 observable galaxies. Of course in those days there was no way of knowing what this galaxy was/is. When considering super massive black holes, previously the biggest of the big I used was the Super-Galactic Center (2 Libra 03, epoch 2000.0), which weighed in at approximately 100 million Solar Masses. That’s why the early degrees of Libra traditionally are considered as charming, evocative and possessing great personal drawing power. NGC 1277 is estimated to be 17 billion Solar Masses! Fortunately, being 250 million light years away, there’s no danger of us being immediately drawn in. To attempt to give this scale, its diameter would be something like eleven times wider than the orbit of Neptune around the Sun. No? Didn’t help? How about the fact that this black hole contains 59% of the central galactic mass of the galaxy of which it is core? That’s sort of a galactic body fat index. The previous largest central galactic mass containment was 11%.


And of course you want its position: 28 Taurus 38 07.7, epoch 2000.0 - the position for 0 hours GMT on January 1, 2000. To roughly keep up with precession, estimate 8' of an arc per decade, or 50.26" per year. For the Vedic folks in the house: 3 Taurus 53 57 (to the nearest second).


The size of this black hole and its far-reaching drawing power does not make this galaxy the core of our galaxy. It is not. Our galactic core, despite the plethora of channeled information declaring it to be in the Pleiades, is 27 Sagittarius 02 (epoch 12/1/2012.0). Note: For more information on the Galactic Center or Super Galactic Center, please visit the Galactic Anomalies link on my website. And this black hole object, while close to the Pleiades in longitude and latitude, does not stand in the same place.  The Pleiadian stars are estimated to be much closer to us - some 390 to 460 light years - contrasted with 250 million light years for NGC 1277... that’s further than an e-mail can travel in cyberspace in like... forever.


To further offset speculation attempts to link this black hole by longitude to stars in the Pleiades, which are now precessing into Gemini, for the next two and a half decades NGC 1277 exclusively owns the 28th degree of Taurus classically perceived to be the degree of the weeping sisters - or brothers depending upon culture. However, all the stars of the Pleiades precessed to range between 29 Taurus 26 and 0 Gemini 23 (epoch 2000.0), so the stars are no longer at the 28th degree of Taurus. Hopefully the complete migration of the Pleiadian stars into Gemini won’t amplify texting, tweeting or social networking.


Back in the early days of black hole research in astrology... the ancient days some three and a half decades ago... it was assumed black holes might be more rare than they are. It is now believed that the core of each galaxy is a super massive black hole, of which there are an unknown number. So to make a black hole significant nowadays, there needs to be some extraordinary anomalistic factor... such as massiveness to make the singularity noteworthy. Despite all its super massive black hole competitors, NGC 1277 is truly in a class of its own.


Given the recent announcement all astrologers need to do is look at the recent news to find collective relevance for this black hole awareness. The fiscal cliff (which is really a money speed bump) and the ever-expanding national debt of the United States now pollutes our news cycle with fear and wonder of numbers my calculator cannot contain. Last night here in America, the largest Powerball lottery drawing ever took place - 579 million USD. Back in March the Mega Millions paid out 656 million USD. Perhaps astronomers were feverishly working on black hole mass measurements at that time, too. This past weekend the kick-off of the holiday shopping season set records in stores and online, despite the economy. And people crowded big box stores as if cosmic debris seeking refuge in the core of a black hole.


Usually I assign a paradox to each black hole and a comprehensive interpretation. Since I just found out about this singularity last night, I’m reluctant to go trite with: “It takes money to make money,” or “You can’t win if you don’t play,” re: the lottery. Here’s what we do know, though. It’s impossible for a Plutocrat to resist the urging of Greed, but that’s not an oxymoron or paradox. Eventually I’ll work up both a delineation and a paradox. For now, consider...


Recently we had a Sun, Mercury and lunar node conjunction in opposition to this black hole. Remember the yearning to make a difference, do something big, beat the bugger boo of mundane life once and for all? That’s it. The yearning may have even created obsessions and pulled dogged determination from dusty bootstraps. This transit inspired the urge to locate inexhaustible wealth, sustenance for perpetuity, and eternal resourcefulness of spirit. It’s not too late to answer the call of that bell should it be perceived that time has come and gone.


While it’s more than a cliche to write that one’s true wealth is within, it remains true. If one wants to break free of the previous barriers or life, reach consciousness that truly is universal or explore the adventures of an evolutionary entrepreneur, one must dive into the pool of inner resource without apprehension. While things are generally given up for lent, how about applying a “give something not working up” protocol for this Chanukah, Christmas or Kwanza? According to those that do not believe the Mayan Calendar expired last year, that calendric cusp is coming. Send it out with a bang. Ditch debris that clouds aspiration into the light-consuming vortex that is a black hole.


NGC 1277 currently trines the transiting position of Makemake (29 Virgo 41), the new planet concerned with expiration of earthly resources and population (only part of its delineation). A photograph taken in 1912 of the iceberg believed to be the one that did in the Titanic just days before the collision will soon be on the auction block. I wonder what that will cost some collector? I wonder who will inherit that from the collector and will its value be appreciated? I wonder how big that iceberg would be today? Doesn’t it just break your heart to see polar bears swimming to the death in the arctic waters with no ice flow to call home? The hell with that, I hear there’s a shortage of the two newest video games for the holidays.


While some things will continue to expand, a black hole continues to draw in all in its proximity converting the mass of whatever is drawing near to it into energy, light and radiation. Was it encouraging to discover the local county sheriffs’ department is now driving hybrid cars? Absolutely, and they still have helicopters to catch Ferraris and Maseratis. Can the irreversible be halted? Yes, if according to black hole doctrine, that which weighs us down is perceived viewed with an enlightened energy. The dragging weight can be relieved with a black hole ala, “come unto me all ye who are heavy laden,” or whatever the correct translation of the quotation is.


If you look and buy a galactic lottery ticket, you might be able to finally cash in on all those inner resources. Give yourself a gift for the holidays that will keep on giving.


Transit alert: If you were born between 1948 and 1963, the Mars-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn is squaring your natal Eris in Aries. You are only as excluded as you agree to be. Cultivate your goods and present them in the arena that really rattles your rafters in a good way. No need to be isolated. Seek inclusion with those truly like you.

Jupiter Turns Direct In Gemini & Jupiter's Coming Transit In Tropical Cancer


By Theodore White, Astrolog.sci


The planet Jupiter, which has been retrograde in the sidereal constellation of Taurus and tropical Gemini, will station direct next week.


After a westward motion of 118 days since stationing retrograde in early Oct. 2012, Jupiter will now be seen to move eastward across the Zodiac. Jupiter will begin to pick up speed in late March into April and then will race across tropical Gemini into tropical Cancer by late June 2013.


Jupiter has been conjoined to the fixed star Aldebaran and the Pleiades cluster in the night skies after performing a Perijove to Earth, it's closest pass nearest to Earth until the early 2020s, which accounts for Jupiter's brilliance in the night skies.


I had been forecasting on Global Astrology that Jupiter's detriment in tropical Gemini often shows surface thinking, with numerous distractions shown by people texting, chatting and posting voluminously, but not really saying much of anything with depth.


·  Surface behavior at its worst.

·  Cheap, exaggerated information overload

·  Sensationalism, gossip, dumbing and watering-down of serious issues & events

·  Wide use of ideology, mantras, political correctness, propaganda, manipulation and distortion by means of opinion


There's a lot of talking and promises, but few deliver on their promises and use verbal communications and devices to pass rather than performing actual work.


This means that from Jan. 30 through to June 25-26, when Jupiter enters tropical Cancer, it is important to note if people simply are wasting your time because it is a good bet that they are.


Not that many actually mean to do that, but allowing themselves to be so inclined also means that those who waste time are apt to do it more often in the future and so cannot be relied upon for important matters.


The best way to deal with Jupiter's detriment transit in tropical Gemini is to work steadily forward, being flexible and on the ball while at the same time avoiding contact with people who find it easier to express their dogma while jumping quickly to false conclusions.


Crowds & Travel

Expect as Jupiter moves eastward across sidereal Taurus and tropical Gemini to be mindful of crowds and travel which have unfavorable and often deadly consequences under world transits.


During February and March, as Mercury transits and retrogrades in tropical Pisces, be mindful of illnesses striking by means of viruses. It is important to wash your hands repeatedly to avoid falling ill during those months.


With Uranus square Pluto fully in play; along with Jupiter's detriment transit in Gemini, it is also wise to mind places where people crowd together, as well as being on vessels of transportation, cars, buses, trains, boats and planes.


What's Next

The months from Jan. 30th to late June 2013 features great movement throughout the world, of people, materials and information. It is essential to think first before acting on mere impulse as the inclinations will see many people doing just that.


Jupiter will enter tropical Cancer on June 25-26, 2013 and will transit there through July 16, 2014.


Jupiter is 'exalted' in Cancer, ruled by the Moon. So while the complications and shortsightedness of Jupiter's detriment transit in Gemini will persist in 2013, the beneficial influences of Jupiter in Cancer will expand increasingly over the second half of 2013 and into 2014.


Jupiter entering tropical Cancer highlights the Fourth Mundane House, ruled by the Moon. This sector is associated with the family, home, farms, real estate, renovations, property and all matters associated with the direction and progress of the domestic sphere. It also features a greater sense of safety and security along with the need to strengthen the physiological and psychological needs of everyday life.


Cancer is a seasonal water Cardinal Sign. It is an ideal placement for Jupiter, which is 'exalted' here. It signals fresh beginnings and new starts in life.


Opportunities abound with significant change for tens of millions of people who will relocate to begin new lives after the stresses of life since 2008 - mainly the onset of the global economic crisis and its aftermath.


Early in its transit of Cancer, Jupiter configures into a Grand 120-degree Water Trine with Saturn and Neptune in July 2013 that will revolve worldwide. Expect to feel these energies during late June, July and into August.


It is a brief grand water trine in the early degrees of the three water Signs - Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. The inclinations and effects are mainly beneficial for those with natal positions in favorable aspect.


So, what is next are many opportunities to make a new start in lives. After the winter in the northern hemisphere opens up into the spring; Jupiter will have picked up speed in April and will then race through the remaining degrees of tropical Gemini and into tropical Cancer several days after the summer solstice of mid-June 2013.


Jupiter will also transit toward an opposition to Pluto in Capricorn as well performing a square to Uranus in Aries. The effects of this will be felt in events worldwide in August, September and October 2013 and then, even more powerfully, during the Grand Cardinal Cross of April 2014.


Over the next three years between 2013-2016, Jupiter's transits features a series of transpersonal expansions that can be challenging, intense, stressful and complex for those who are not ready to plan ahead and act accordingly.

Stars of Happiness – Make Every Day a Celestial Valentine!

Astrology and Your Wedding

By Dikki-Jo Mullen
“A marriage made in heaven” and “Choose not only the proper mate, but a proper time to marry” are just a couple of the many pearls of wisdom surrounding the mystique and magic of love and marriage. A close look at what the quaint axioms really suggest points straight to some interesting ideas concerning astrology and marriage. Timing and compatibility are two key factors in finding greater happiness in relationships through using astrology. At least 50% of the marriages today in the United States as well as in many other countries are ending in divorce. Growing numbers of people endure the emotional scars of multiple unsatisfactory marriages. Finding wedded bliss with the right mate at the right time is a real challenge. Astrology can offer tremendous help.
First of all, it’s important to realize that events have a birthday, a beginning point, just as a human life does. Choosing the most auspicious time to begin a project, to start a business or enter into a marriage, involves a special type of astrology called electional astrology. This is electing (or selecting) the most desirable time to assure success.
To understand exactly how this works, let’s imagine you're about to begin a journey around the world. If you were to leave today, as opposed to departing next week, the experiences you would encounter such as weather conditions, people, etc. would be entirely different on the two different itineraries.
The same is true of married life. The business contacts, neighbors, friends, etc. which become a part of a married couples life will vary according to the timing of the marriage. Of course basic compatibility between the horoscopes of the two partners is the most important factor. Between two horoscopes which are hostile even the most perfect of times selected for the marriage wont help. However, for two people who are in harmony, the best time for the marriage will do much to promote a fulfilling, smooth and successful life together.
First choose the Sun sign under which the marriage takes place, this is the familiar zodiac sign in the heavens for that day. The Witches Almanac calendar section can help if you're unsure of when the Sun moves from sign to sign. The Sun sign (actually this is the Earth’s path around the Sun that day) describes goals, directions and the essence of the relationship. The Sun sign traditionally has a special impact on the husband and the decisions he will make for the couple.
(note: For same sex couples and those involved in other alternative relationships, the references to gender can be adjusted accordingly to select the best chart for your commitment.)

The Aries Marriage

This is suitable for couples who thrive on action and competition. There are likely to be power struggles here between husband and wife. Rising above present circumstances and becoming more powerful in the community can be important. Military life can affect the marriage. Athletic hobbies and outdoor activities can be favorite pastimes. The marriage may take much work and effort and not be a very soothing relationship. Between incompatible couples violence can occur and unfaithfulness is a possibility. On the positive side an Aries marriage seldom gets into a rut and both parties will welcome challenges wholeheartedly. It brings a fresh start.

The Taurus Marriage

May is one of the most popular times for weddings. Because Taurus is ruled by Venus, the love planet, marriages born at this time can be very enduring and tender. There is a rooted and stable energy between the couple. Investment in jewelry, art or other items of value can add to the feelings of mutual security. Finances will always be important. Gardening, building a home, and planning for the future can occupy much of your time together. There is a need to cultivate flexibility in a Taurus marriage though. Plenty of delicious gourmet food and other creature comforts are enjoyed. It is important to focus on physical fitness, as you will tend to pamper and indulge each other.

The Gemini Marriage

June is closely linked with brides and weddings. Because Gemini is associated with ideas and communication weddings at this time can be affected by bridal publications. Shopping for just the right invitations and other accessories for the wedding day can occupy much of the bride and grooms time. After the wedding intellectual harmony is important. The couple might enjoy taking classes together or browsing through every book store and library in town. Conversations will make or break the Gemini marriage. Voicing ideas clearly but tactfully is important. Gemini, symbolized by The Twins, is always about duality; so married life can run hot and cold.

The Cancer Marriage

Home and family life will be a powerful focus in this marriage. Saving money to acquire the perfect home with perfect furnishings is likely to be an important goal. Ties to in-laws and siblings can be exceptionally strong. Heirlooms, genealogy, heritage, and other factors linked to roots and traditions wont be forgotten by couples who marry under the sign of Cancer. At least one partner will definitely want to have children. Mealtimes will be especially important family occasions. Traditional family recipes as well as experimenting with new foods can be enjoyed, with both husband and wife puttering around the kitchen. Because Cancer is associated with the changeable and moody Moon there will be great sensitivity in this relationship.

The Leo Marriage

Like Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius, Leo is a fixed sign. This is one of the indices of a lasting relationship. The early months of married life will be bright, with great warmth and romance. The couple can be truly consumed by each other. Pride and a certain nobility will characterize their life together. They might acquire showy cars and expensive clothes. Image and reputation are important. Joining clubs and organizations dedicated to pleasure and friendship can be a focus. The couple will maintain a youthful persona throughout their lives. They want to be perfect parents but can be a little overbearing with offspring. Family ties are warm and supportive though, usually overcoming any negativity. This couple will attract attention, one or both might become celebrities.

The Virgo Marriage

Symbolized by the zodiacs Virgin, this is often considered rather unfavorable for a wedding date horoscope, unless one or both partners have been married before. Sharing employment goals, adopting a small pet, and working together can strengthen a Virgo marriage. There might be a business-like mood present, its all no nonsense, conservative, and a logical approach to life. However they can descend into criticism of co-workers, friends and each other. Efforts must be made to keep negative comments to a dull roar or this couple will find themselves quite alone. Take advantage of your mutual interest in health and fitness to help each other maintain health.

The Libra Marriage

Venus rules this sign, so like Taurus, Libra is generally considered favorable for a wedding date choice. Both partners will place much emphasis on the relationship. Their identities are found through being together, seldom apart. Justice will be important and the partners will try very hard to be fair with each other. Sharing responsibilities at work or home will seem natural. Neither will be bound by role stereotypes. Harmony will be the norm here, this couple will keep arguments to a minimum. Politics, psychology, sociology and the fine arts can be accented. Good manners and beautiful, artistically decorated surroundings make this couple attractive to others. They will probably have a wide circle of friends.

The Scorpio Marriage

Physical intimacy is likely to be enduring and intense here. One partners attempts to change the other can lead to power struggles. Between incompatible couples marital violence can erupt. Working through jealousy and suspicions is essential. Every effort should be made to maintain openness and complete sincerity. Emotions can overwhelm logic. Work toward keeping a calm, tolerant mood present in the home. Invested or inherited money can add to the couples earnings considerably. Together they can be drawn to banking, detective work, economics and the life sciences. This couple might have a large family, establishing a dynasty of grand children and great grandchildren.

The Sagittarius Marriage

A light hearted and free spirited quality is present with this marriage. There can be a wide circle of friends, but the couple might spend much time apart. Both will cherish their independence. Academic and literary goals can be important, there can be a great deal of travel. For a time they might reside abroad, the partners might come from different countries or ethnic groups. Life is something of a game to this couple, which they will strive to win. They might keep horses, large dogs or exotic pets. Growth, new horizons, fulfilling ambitions will be accented. Others look to them for advice or see them as an inspiration.

The Capricorn Marriage

This is a relationship which will be built on solid foundations. Practicalities will be important. Both partners will have a conservative approach toward the life they create together. Traditions guide their choices and decisions. Emotions will be controlled and an outer dignity is maintained. One partner might feel the other is aloof or cool, so as time passes it can take work to maintain warmth and intimacy. Shared responsibilities will require attention, business and work come before fun and games. Presenting a respectable family image and maintaining prestige in the community will be important to this couple. They will insist upon quality in possessions and social contacts. They might work together, perhaps starting a very successful family owned business.

The Aquarius Marriage

The Aquarius marriage, like the Sagittarius relationship, has a free spirited and unconventional quality. The partners might have life styles which keep them apart for a time. Friendships outside the marriage can be important. Life together is exciting but it can be a roller coaster ride of ups and downs. To preserve this marriage successfully efforts must be made to fan the flame of romance and courtship, not to detach too much. There can be some surprising twists in life together. Flexibility is a must. This couple might feel they have a mission to make the world a better place. Ecology, humanitarian causes, and reform might attract them. Modern and progressive trends and technology will guide their choices.

The Pisces Marriage

Emotions and sensitivity are present. This couple will have tremendous empathy with each others moods, even to the point of telepathic communication, possibly through dreams. Care must be taken not to make a tempest in a teacup over petty disappointments. Honesty and sincerity must be maintained. They will sacrifice personal wishes for each other or for their loved ones. A relative with health or money problems could make demands on this couple. There could be substance abuse in the family. Despite these pitfalls, ties will be strong and there is a sense of genuine commitment. Ideals are high and the romance will linger for years after the wedding date. Creative projects can be shared and the arts enjoyed. Photography, dance, spirituality or church work can enrich this marriage.

Happiness is Elemental

In choosing which of the twelve marriage signs is for you, find the astrological element of your own Sun sign. This can suggest a suitable marriage sign. The Fire Signs are Aries, Leo, Sagittarius. The Earth Signs are Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn. The Air signs are Gemini, Libra, Aquarius. The Water signs are Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. These groupings reveal which signs have a natural harmony. If your partner is in the same group as you the chances for happiness and harmony are high. Air feeds Fire, so the Air and Fire signs do well together. Water nourishes the Earth, so the Earth and Water signs blend well. Don’t despair though, if you’re a Water sign and your soon to be spouse is a Fire sign. There might be other harmonious influences involving Mars, Venus, the Moon and rising signs or other factors showing that you’re a good match. Check with your astrologer for the specifics.

Some Rules For Choosing A Wedding Chart

Here is much more you can do astrologically to assure a happy horoscope to bless your life with your beloved.

1.     The Moon should be waxing and making a trine or sextile aspect to the Sun on the wedding day. The Moon represents the feminine principle and the Sun the masculine within the relationship. Beneficial aspects between these two placements alone will do much to promote a happy and successful marriage. Try to avoid getting married at a New or Full Moon, or at the First or Last Quarter phases as this brings too much tension to the relationship.

2.     The Ascendant (rising sign, 1st house cusp) describes the man and his attitude toward the marriage. The descendant (7th house cusp) describes the woman. If the ruling planets of these signs are conjunct, trine or sextile, the chance of happiness is excellent. Benefic planets (Venus, Jupiter, Mercury) are helpful to have in the 1st and 7th houses. Avoid having Mars, Saturn, Uranus or Neptune in the 1st or 7th houses, though. They can generate depressing or erratic influences. If that’s not possible, then select a date when the aspects to those four planets are the soft ones, the trines and sextiles.

3.     The 5th house is natural children. The 11th is step or adopted children. Plan the wedding for a time when those houses describe the kind of family the couple wants. For example, the Moon or Venus in the 5th shows female children with charm, beauty and emotional rapport with relatives. Uranus in the 5th could bring a gifted but eccentric or independent child. Jupiter in the 11th would promote good will with step children.

4.     The angular houses (1, 4, 7 and 10) relate to the most important areas of a couples life. The man, domestic life, the woman and community status, respectively. Place benefic planets there. Try to bury the malefic planets in the cadent houses (3, 6, 9 and 12). These are areas of secondary importance and should not upset the marriage.

5.     Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) ruling the angular houses will help the marriage endure. Cardinal signs ruling the angular houses (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) bring more moves than the fixed signs and the marriage will evolve and grow, The mutable signs on the angles (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces ) bring a variable mood to the marriage. If the marriage chart and compatibility overall are difficult then mutable sign angles can mean restlessness and chances for infidelity or separation.


The Scout Planet

The scout planet is the planet that rose across the ascendant immediately before the Sun. The scout planet represents what we must do in order to fulfill the potential shown by the Sun. The scout planet determines how we meet challenges and how we overcome the obstacles placed before us. By using the scout planet, we become stronger and we make life easier to deal with. Ignore this important lesson and we find that life seems to be that bit harder.

The sign and house of the Scout planet play their part in determining what an individual must do before the potential within the Sun sign can be used properly and to its fullest extent.


By; Debra Clement

It is important to remember that the scout planet speaks more to skills than to specific occupations.


If the Moon is your scout planet, you work well with the public because you are able to adapt to their various moods and personalities. Fields where you counsel or are charged with the care of others suit you. In its role as a guiding planet, the Moon suggests that the keys to your success are your intuition and your ability to nurture others.


If Mercury is your scout planet, you excel in any field that requires effective communication. Writing, speaking and teaching come naturally to you. In its role as a guiding planet, Mercury suggests that one of the keys to your success is your ability to multi-task and adapt to changing priorities.


If Venus is your scout planet, you are well-suited to any field that involves creative and/or artistic expression. Diplomacy, tact and the exercise of sound judgment also comes naturally to you. In its role as a guiding planet, Venus suggests that one of the keys to your success is your ability to put people immediately at ease.


If Mars is your scout planet, you easily initiate projects and you have the drive to accomplish them. You excel in fields that require a forceful nature, as well as those that demand physical strength. In its role as a guiding planet, Mars suggests that one of the keys to your success is your talent for self-promotion.


If Jupiter is your scout planet, you have a natural ability to teach, coach and counsel, and you are likely to be a good public speaker. You are drawn to prominent careers such as law, medicine and politics. In its role as a guiding planet, Jupiter suggests that one of the keys to your success is your ability to see the "big picture" and your innate desire for fairness.


If Saturn is your scout planet, you are responsible, self-disciplined and have strong leadership abilities. You are at ease in high-powered positions and do well in corporate or government work. In its role as a guiding planet, Saturn suggests that one of the keys to your success is your strong organizational skills.


If Uranus is your scout planet, you are farsighted and excel in any field that allows you to be innovative. You are independent and work best when left to your own devices and are given the freedom to establish your own schedule. In its role as a guiding planet, Uranus suggests that one of the keys to your success is your imagination.


If Neptune is your scout planet, you have a natural ability for psychology as well as the healing arts. You are compassionate and excel in fields that serve those in need. In its role as a guiding planet, Neptune suggests that one of the keys to your success is your ability to understand and empathize with others.


If Pluto is your scout planet, you have strong powers of observation and possess keen insight into what makes people tick. You are comfortable with your own power and not intimidated by those who hold it. In its role as a guiding planet, Pluto suggests that one of the keys to your success is your determination and ability to focus.

I found this years ago and don’t know who to attribute to:


Reading charts is learning to see patterns.  The New Oxford Thesaurus of English defines patterns as:

an arrangement, method, sequence, structure, scheme, plan.


Your ability to find the planetary patterns in a chart rests firmly on your knowledge of astrological technique. For technique is the structure upon which all delineation sits.  It is the foundation stone to understanding behavior options and it incorporates the following:


What signs are the planets in?

In the doctrines of Medieval Astrology, a planet's strength is related to its zodiacal position. A planet or luminary is dignified in the chart through the concept of the essential dignities.  A planet may be in: Rulership or Exaltation or, if opposite these positions, then it will be in Detriment or Fall respectively. In today's modern society the essential dignities are still important, with planets and luminaries in rulership or exaltation associated with a mainstream lifestyle while those in detriment and fall are associated with more alternative views or lifestyles.

What is their planetary position?

The planet’s position in the chart will talk of its ability to be personally effective or effective on behalf of other people.  You can think of angular planets as giving 100% personal effectiveness and such personal effectiveness will decrease in strength as it moves towards cadency.

What houses do the planets occupy?

Houses tell you where the story is unfolding, the areas of life that are being affected.

What houses do the planets rule?

Rulership tells you the area of your life from which the planet draws its strength.

What aspect combination do the planets make?

It is generally the 8th harmonic aspects which will reveal the difficult or stressful issues that underpin behavior patterns.

In-sign aspects only.

Out-of-sign aspects are considered to be greatly weakened.  The general rule of aspect theory is that the tighter the orb, the stronger the result with partile (same degree) aspects being the strongest.

What is the client's context.

All themes and issues in a chart will operate across a bell-curve from Worst Case Scenario (WCS) to Best Case Scenario (BCS), so what the client brings to the session is going to be extremely relevant.

However, whilst the client's context will give you the specifics of how that behavior is working, you need to be aware of the complete shape of the bell curve of possibilities and how that may be expressed in the client's life prior to seeing the client.


Aquarius New Moon February 2013



by Stephanie Austin


Each New Moon occurs within an ever-changing matrix of cosmic energies, encoding a unique set of instructions. This one highlights the sign of Aquarius, symbolizing the quest to realize our individuality and our interdependence. In Capricorn, we develop integrity, self-discipline, and stewardship. In Aquarius, we strive for equality, collaboration, and progress. The rebel challenges authority that has become dictatorial. The innovator introduces new concepts and technologies. The reformer changes what is unfair and unsustainable. Where are you being called to make a difference now?


This New Moon closely squares the lunar nodes, showing us what we must resolve in order to move forward. The transiting South Node in Taurus represents the need to redefine our values. Liberated from attachments to material wealth, we discover that love, not money, is what makes us happy. The transiting North Node in Scorpio symbolizes the need to make the unconscious conscious; to recognize that life mirrors back to us what we have disowned and projected onto others. Facing our fears and our shadow, we learn the difference between addiction and power, drama and intimacy, being good versus becoming whole. The Sun's square to the lunar nodes asks: To what and to whom have you given your power? Where are you not fully walking your talk? The Moon poses: What are you longing for? What are your feelings and your body telling you to change? This New Moon also squares the degree of the previous solar eclipse, which occurred on November 13, 2012 at 22° Scorpio, urging us to act on what we've learned since then.


Uranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius, semi-squares the Sun and Moon and conjoins the asteroid Pallas, necessitating that we break free from old patterns, especially around gender, so we can fulfill the unique role each of us has to play at this critical juncture on Earth. People with Aquarius, Uranus, and/or the 11th house strongly emphasized in their birth charts are system-busters, way-showers, light-workers on assignment to assist humanity's evolution. This is not an easy job, since we are born with spiritual amnesia regarding our origins and purpose. Many people have struggled with alienation, feeling like a black sheep or a "stranger in a strange land," not realizing that there are millions of others like them who have incarnated as agents of change. The sooner we embody who we really are, the easier it is to find our spiritual cohorts and fulfill our mission. For more, read Barbara Marciniak's Bringer of the Dawn, Ken Carey's The Return of the Bird Tribes, or Dolores Cannon's The Three Waves of Volunteers.


Ceres at 20° Gemini trines the New Moon, facilitating communication and networking. Ceres stationed direct on February 4; her retrograde phase, which began on October 31, 2012, was a time of reassessing our relationship to the feminine and the web of life. The need for women to own their power and for men to open their hearts is emphasized by Venus's square to Saturn (exact on February 10 at 11°28' Aquarius-Scorpio). Saturn is about to take its yearly turn retrograde on February 18, moving backwards until July 7. This signals a period of healing or ending relationships, as well as transforming how we deal with resources, accountability, and power. Neptune, Mars, Mercury and Chiron are all conjunct in Pisces and square Jupiter, opening us to more compassionate views and altruistic actions.


The Sabian symbol for this New Moon at 22° Aquarius assures us that we are being supported and protected as we grow in consciousness: "A rug is placed on the floor of a nursery to allow children to play in comfort and warmth." This New Moon instructs us to "Step forward as a member of the family of light; have the courage in all the days you walk this planet to live that light and share that light with all you encounter." (Barbara Marciniak)

February Full Moon 2013



FEBRUARY 25, 2013
by Stephanie Austin


All Full Moons bring light to the dark, to what's been flying below the radar of our awareness -- clarifying the real problems and what we need to do to remedy them. This Full Moon contrasts the signs of Virgo and Pisces, highlighting our current relationship to matter and spirit, head and heart, self-purification and self-realization.


The word "matter" stems from the same cognate and "mother" (Indo-European mater). Virgo's glyph combines the letters M and V, Maria Virgo, the Virgin Mary, representing the divine feminine and the birthing of Christ/Spirit into matter. The Virgo virgin holds a sheaf of grain, symbolizing discernment, the ability to harvest wisdom and competence from the fields of life. Virgo urges us to sift our essence, who we really are, from the many layers of conditioning imposed on us by our parents, education, culture, religion, race, and country, and to release what no longer serves our growth in consciousness.


Pisces is represented by two yoked fish; the constellation shows one swimming upward, the other horizontally, revealing the inseparability of transcendence and immanence, heaven and earth, spirituality and materiality. Pisces teaches that we are both a particle and a wave, temporal and eternal, a singular and indivisible part of the universe. Not only is the Sun in Pisces, but Neptune, Chiron, Mars, and Mercury as well, with Venus entering Pisces just a few hours after the peak of this Full Moon. All this greatly energizes the spiritual tasks of Pisces: to see through the illusion of duality, trust our inner knowing, and realize our interconnectedness with all life.


Jupiter, the traditional ruler of Pisces before Neptune was discovered, closely squares this Full Moon, as well as Neptune and Chiron, prompting us to question our most fundamental beliefs. Jupiter in Gemini reminds us that truth is relative, that there are a multitude of ways to look at things, and that having information is not the same as having knowledge. When square Neptune, the modern ruler of Pisces, Jupiter expands our grasp of metaphysical realities. This Full Moon squares the degree of the November 28, 2012 lunar eclipse at 7° Gemini-Sagittarius, adding to the cosmic message to "Think Different." Watch for important insights, intuitions, and inspiration around and after this Full Moon, as Mercury forms an exact conjunction with Mars on February 26, the Sun conjoins Chiron on February 27, and Venus conjoins Neptune on February 28. These alignments show us that acceptance, not time, heals all wounds, Judgment and resentment close our hearts and will literally make us sick. Whom or what do you still need to forgive? The Hawaiian "Ho-oponopono" is a simple but powerful healing practice; read a description of it at


Mercury's station retrograde on February 23 at 20° Pisces keeps this planet within 10° of Mars throughout February, fostering metaphysical explorations, altruism, and "random acts of kindness." Mercury turns direct on March 17 at 6° Pisces, once again reaching 20° Pisces on April 6. In 2013, the mythic Messenger of the Gods makes his three retrograde passages in Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio, extending his time in the water element to more than half the year (204 days), supporting us to get in touch with our feelings and our feminine side.


The Sabian symbols for this Full Moon include a young feminine figure, punctuating the importance of developing emotional intelligence. For the Moon at 8° Virgo: "A five-year-old child takes a first dancing lesson; learning to use one's capacity for emotional self-expression according to cultural standards." And for the Sun at 8° Pisces, "A girl blowing a bugle; a call to participation in the service of the race, as an evolutionary crisis approaches." What beliefs are holding you back? What was never true at all? Forgive yourself. Forgive others. Forgive God. It's all the One expanding its data bank. Be grateful for everything and what it has taught you. "Ring the bells that still can ring / Forget your perfect offering / There is a crack in everything / That's how the light gets in." (Leonard Cohen)




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