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Starward 04 April 2013

Special points of interest:

§         New Moon 4/10 @ 5:35 am 20 Aries

§         Sun enters Taurus 4/19 @ 6:03 pm

§         Lunar Eclipse 4/25 @

§         3:57 pm (Full Moon) 5 Scorpio

§         Lyrida Meteor shower peaks April 20-22

Night Sky Magic

April 6, Venus is just two thirds of a degree from Mars, but also just 2 ½ degrees from the Sun so not visible. As April ends, Venus and Jupiter are 28 degrees apart closing the gap in May when they are within a degree of one another with Mercury visible between them on May 28.

Another Moon Spica occultation is happening April 24/25 within hours of a partial Lunar Eclipse on April 25. The Earth’s umbra or shadow may touch the Moon’s umbra very slightly and possibly for N hemisphere viewers. Comet PanStarrs may be visible if it has maintained its brightness. The Moon will also be very near Saturn during this Full Moon.

The Saturn opposition near the end of April is one of the highlights this month as Saturn is closest to the Earth and brightest in its current cycle.

By April 28, Saturn rises at sunset and is visible all night long. It brightens from .2 to .1, the brightest it’s been in about 5 years. Saturn is still within 15 degrees of Spica and about 10 degrees from the Stars of the Scales. Jupiter is growing slightly dimmer as it gets ready to conjunct the Sun June 19. Jupiter is also pulling away from the Hyades and moving toward the Galactic Cross at the Galactic Edge.

By the end of April, Venus may make its first appearance at dusk with a low horizon line. However, it is more likely to be visible by May 9

What is happening in the heavens?

April 17, Wednesday.

The Sun conjuncts Mars at 5:20 pm (27 Aries) accessing a direct light source transmission intended to transform and renew the divine masculine in his underworld initiation. Mars is undertaking the hero’s quest or hero’s journey as described by Joseph Campbell. When Mars is in the underworld phase of his journey, he is in the “Belly of the Whale” or shamanic death process, dying to who he believed himself to be opening the way for a rebirth into who he really is.

The Belly of the Whale does not guarantee success but it creates the conditions intended to produce an initiation that strips away all that disempowers us and paves the way to experience greater bliss. Trusting and surrendering to the process are key to the success of this initiation.

Full Moon partial Eclipse in Scorpio (5 Scorpio)

This is Lunar Beltane or the Full Moon in Scorpio closest to the Solar Cross-Quarter when the Sun reaches 15 Taurus. This is also opening an unusual 4 week eclipse window, something that usually happens over 2 weeks.

The Solar Eclipse is May 9 and then another partial Lunar Eclipse is May 24.

Do you remember the intensity of the Mercury Retrograde in February and March with 6 and 7 planets in Pisces? This four week window will be similar in that between eclipses is a between the worlds time where logic and reason are often out the window. The gift however, is something new and amazing coming in that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

Eclipses accelerate whatever is in process

May 28, 2013

Saturn Pluto Mutual Reception

Mutual receptions occur when planets are in each other's ruling signs in a horoscope. They are very fortunate as a rule, as they offer an escape route, letting us change places and get out of whatever we've gotten ourselves into. Pluto in Capricorn is in Mutual Reception with Saturn in Scorpio until September 17, 2015.

Tonight's program will explore how to interpret this and other mutual receptions, in the natal chart as well as by transit. If time permits, a glance at the Fixed Star Alphecca, which is involved in the transiting Saturn-Pluto mutual reception at present, Chinese Astrology For the Water Snake and the birth chart of Spiritualism (March 31, 1848, 8:30 pm in Hydesville, NY) might be discussed.

Our History

The NFAA (North Florida Astrology Association) was first formed on 12/27/1973 by a dedicated group of astrologers who decided to pool their energies in the study of astrology

The NFAA meets on the 4th Tuesday of the month, (excluding December), at 7:00 PM, at the Cosmic Church of Truth.

Our club is an affiliate member of the national organization, the American Federation of Astrologers, based in Tempe, Arizona, and as such, we are bound by the same code of ethics as the national group.

There is no charge to attend the meeting, and we would welcome all peoples of good will who have an interest in astrology. Annual Membership fee is $20.00 per person 0r $30.00 per couple.

We are in need of assistance with some of the duties and coordinating refreshments, set up and clean up and much more if you are interested in assisting us please talk to any of the folks at the meeting.

All anyone can see in a birthchart are tendencies that will become facts if he does not do something to alter them. ~Isabel Hickey

APRIL 23 @ 7 pm

Duffy McCoy - chart for club NFAA

Current events - charts and discussion

Light refreshments


Continuing on Mondays @ 7 pm

Astrology 101 $10 per class with Duffy McCoy Even if you have missed some classes you can still come and pick up on some of the aspects of astrology


MAY 28 @ 7 pm

Dikki-Jo Mullin Guest ... Saturn Pluto Mutual Reception ... Light refreshments



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